Thursday, September 13, 2012

Monroe - Picture Polish & Some Studs

I have my first Picture Polish to show you tonight. I've always wanted to try Picture Polish, but the postage from Australia is a bit steep (even though it's just over the ditch). Well to cut a long story short, I ended up ordering 'Monroe' from Ninja Polish when I heard that it was being discontinued in its current incarnation. Picture Polish are reformulating this beauty. I actually wore this while I was in Wellington and there wasn't a whole lot of sun happening, but luckily the one bit of sun happened to be while I was wearing this, so I managed to snap a few pics. Anyway, onto 'Monroe'...

Monroe, Picture Polish, Studs, swatch
I am so glad that I snaffled this little beauty up. 'Monroe' is a gorgeous burgundy polish with little scattered holo throughout. I added some studs from Born Pretty Store. I used the 2mm gold square studs and 1.5mm gold round studs. I love using these studs, as they really are so easy to work with (plus you get enough in the pack to last a life-time).

Monroe, Picture Polish, Studs, swatch
I have popped in this slightly blurred pic so you can get a slightly better idea of the holo. It isn't hugely obvious, but there is absolutely no doubt that it's there. I actually quite like the subtlety of it in this polish to be honest.

Monroe, Picture Polish, Studs, swatch
'Monroe', in different lighting, deepens quite a lot in colour. It becomes much richer and more burgundy. I love the elegance and sophistication that this darker look brings to the polish, along with the edge that the holo gives it.

'Monroe' was slightly sheerer than I expected, but three coats gave me full opacity. Two was very nearly enough and if you use thicker coats, two might be fine. It has an almost jelly like consistency to it giving it a gorgeous squishy, shiny finish. I absolutely love this polish! I think if this is what all Picture Polish polishes are like, I'm going to have to look at getting some more!

Picture Polish can be purchased online from quite a few places including the Picture Polish website, Llarowe, Harlow & Co and Ninja Polish. Keep an eye out for the new 'Monroe'!

Update: Kiwis, Picture Polish and Ozotics can be purchased now from Gracie Lou :D

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