Saturday, October 25, 2014

A quick update and some graffiti nails


Just thought I would check in super quickly and say that I am still here and will be back so soon. My dissertation is due in a week! I still have a scary amount to do for it, but as soon as it's in I'll be back with some GORGEOUS polishes!! I can't wait.

Color club Beyond, LeaLac XL-B stamping, nail art

Color club Beyond, LeaLac XL-B stamping, nail art
I had to add in some nail pics so here's a mani that I did quite a while ago and haven't posted because I have no idea what polishes I used. This was one of those time where I had no plan and just started doing my nails while watching tv one night. I feel like it has a sort of graffiti feel to it. I know that I used the LeaLaC XL-B plate  with Color Club 'Beyond' for the stamping.

Thanks heaps for sticking with me and I can't wait to be done with my dissertation and back to give this blog some love :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Colors by Llarowe - Come Dance the Hora


I'm still alive and I'm about 5 weeks away from my thesis being due so unfortunately I'm going to be all over the place for a little longer. Anywho, I have a quick post of a polish that I adore from Colors by Llarowe - 'Come Dance the Hora'.

Come Dance the Hora, Colors by Llarowe, swatch

Come Dance the Hora, Colors by Llarowe, swatch
'Come Dance the Hora' is a silver linear holo polish with various sizes of royal blue hex glitters. It is GORGEOUS! There's nothing really subtle about this polish, but I think the blue glitters in there just off-set the silver holo perfectly.

This polish is really buildable on its own, but a few coats might be needed. I think I used 3 here and you can see that's enough.

Colors by Llarowe polishes are available from Llarowe (obviously), but it is also available on Harlow & Co. These babies sell out seriously fast though! Luckily Leah Ann does pre-orders reasonably often though. Keep an eye on Llarowe's Twitter andFacebook pages for details on restocks etc.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Take A Chill Pill - Dollish Polish (with a splash of stamping and a gradient)


I have a quick post with some nails that I did a while ago now. I quite like how it came out though so I figured it's about time I posted it. This look is mainly featuring Dollish Polish 'Take A Chill Pill' from her 'That's So 80's' collection.

Dollish polish, Take a chill pill, swatch, bundle monster BM 422
'Take A Chill Pill' is a polish that I really like, but I'm slightly confused because looking back at pics from when this was released it was bright blue… As you can see my bottle has a very sheer blue-grey jelly base, packed full of all sorts of glitter. Strange - I will investigate further. Oh well, like I said, I love it.
On my ring finger I did a gradient using Color Club 'Wicked Sweet' and China Glaze 'Sun-Kissed' and then stamped on top using Bundle Monster plate BM-422 and Color Club 'Beyond'.

Unfortunately this polish is not currently available, but head on over to Dolly's Big Cartel shop because there is bound to be some other beauties that you'll want instead. Make sure you follow Dollish Polish on her various social media sites to keep up with updates (FacebookTwitter and Instagram).

Thursday, September 4, 2014

piCture pOlish - Imperial


I have a freaking gorgeous polish on here tonight. This is 'Imperial' that was made in collaboration with the wonderful Jeanette from The Swatchaholic. I purchased this a little while ago and have worn it several times, each time trying to capture it accurately. Let's just say this is not an easy polish to photograph, but here we go anyway…

Imperial, picture polish, swatch

Imperial, picture polish, swatch
'Imperial' is such a beautiful royal purple colour. Just the right amount of red and blue to make the most perfect, saturated purple. As you may or may not know, I don't tend to wear much purple polish (no idea why, just a random thing), but I cannot get enough of this beauty. The gold shimmer and irregular flakes in it make it even more beautiful and complex. What an amazing job all these girls have done to make such a beauty - definitely an absolute favourite of mine.

'Imperial' is lovely to work with. 2 coats is all that is needed for full opacity. One thing to keep in mind is that this polish dries slightly matte, so top coat is a must (though in my opinion that is always the case!).

piCture pOlish is available from a whole bunch of places. Make sure you check out the piCture pOlish website, you can order this polish direct from them for $10 AUD or you can have a look at their list of distributors. You can also find piCture pOlish on instagramtwitter, facebookpinterest and YouTube.

Monday, August 25, 2014

piCture pOlish Blog/Insta Fest 2014!!

I'm so excited to be part of piCture pOlish Blog/Insta Fest 2014! This year Blog/Insta Fest is made up of 2 parts so let's get started with part 1…

Badass, picture polish, swatch

Badass, picture polish, swatch
First up I have a gorgeous shade to show you that was made in collaboration with Sassy Shelly called 'Badass'. We all know how much I adore holos and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I really like this polish. 'Badass' is a beautiful scattered holo with a black base - I love how black the base is without hiding the holo effect too much at all. To make matters better, the formula is great too. As is the usual story with piCture pOlish polishes, this had great opacity with 2 coats being perfect.

The next part of Blog/Insta Fest is to celebrate not only some more wonderful piCture pOlish shades, but also Nail Vinyls that have just started being stocked there.

picture polish Hot lips Honeydew, chevron nail vinyls
This is the look I came up with using piCture pOlish 'Hot Lips' and 'Honeydew' along with the chevron design from Nail Vinyls. I have a quick step by step of how I made this look.

Starting with a white base, I placed the nail vinyls where I wanted them with one small area and one large area on each nail. I painted 'Honeydew' just in the small section and immediately peeled up the vinyls. Next, I top coated to speed up the drying time of everything.

Next up I placed the vinyls right on top of the green and painted 'Hot Lips' on the large area of my nails and peeled up the vinyls immediately again. I actually repeated that step again to make the pink a bit more opaque. Again, wait for everything to dry completely and place some vinyls on top of the pink right against the green. Place another vinyl to leave a really thin gap and then another after a slightly larger gap (see the bottom pic there). Paint these bits white and then once dry place vinyls either side of the larger white stripe and paint with 'Honeydew'.

picture polish Hot lips Honeydew, chevron nail vinyls
Et voilà. Top coat to seal everything in and you're done. I really love how this turned out - these colours go so perfectly together and they take me right back to the fashion of my childhood (does anyone else remember slouch socks and hair scrunchies?). It does require a little patience while each layer dries but it's totally worth it in my opinion.

A couple of tips for working with the vinyls - from my experience it is absolutely best to peel them off while the polish is still wet, also I found that if I stuck them down too hard they would leave a slight gluey residue (they are plenty sticky so you don't need to press them hard). Overall, these vinyls are a nail art must have! They make nail art so easy and you can make some really striking nails with relatively little effort.

Now to the important details - where can you get your hands on all these things? piCture pOlish is available from a lot of places all around the world and of course from them direct from Australia. Pop over to their network page to find where is closest to you. piCture pOlish always has really great deals which you can see on their Every Day Deal page too.

Nail Vinyls are available from them direct with international shipping and of course from piCture pOlish too. piCture pOlish will be selling a special exclusive pack that includes Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straight and Right Angles which you'll be seeing used inBlog/Insta Fest this year :)

Make sure you follow Nail Vinyls and piCture pOlish to keep up with all their latest news and info.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aca-Awkward! - Dollish Polish


I have a gorgeous polish to show you today that I absolutely adore. One trouble is that it was limited edition and so isn't easily available anymore - but you never know where it might pop up and if it does GRAB IT! This is Dollish Polish 'Aca-Awkward!'.

Aca-awkward, Dollish Polish, swatch, BM-423 stamp, Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing

Aca-awkward, Dollish Polish, swatch, BM-423 stamp, Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing
I wore this polish a few times in a row because I just loved it so much. It is so pretty but the brightness of the colour and the subtle holo make it so much fun to wear. For this mani, I stamped my middle and ring fingers using Bundle Monster plate BM-423 and Colours by Llarowe 'Refresh…ing'.

'Aca-Awkward!' was surprisingly opaque and 2 coats was more than enough for full opacity. It was also super easy to apply and didn't pull at the cuticles or anything silly like that.

As I mentioned, this polish is not currently available on the Dollish Polish website as it was a limited edition polish. But, keep your eyes out for Dolly's other LE polishes each month and grab them so you don't miss out on polishes like this one! Make sure you follow Dollish Polish on her various social media sites to keep up with updates (FacebookTwitter and Instagram).

Monday, August 4, 2014

VT100 - Pretty Serious Cosmetics


Long time no blog and for that I apologise! Life and uni got pretty crazy including a big exam. Time is flying by at a scary speed these days. Anyway I have a quick post tonight featuring a polish that I won in a giveaway hosted by a lovely fellow blogger buddy. Lani, from Lani Loves, is certainly responsible for many of my desperate lipstick needs (as well as nail polish and every other makeup item she blogs about). Make sure you pop over and check out Lani's blog. 'VT100' is my first Pretty Serious Cosmetics polish and it just happens to be one I've wanted since the first time I saw it a fair while ago now.

'VT100' is everything I wanted it to be and more. I love the shade of green, it is a bit different to other greens in my collection. The shimmery micro glitter is really what makes this polish stand out in my opinion - so eye-catching.

'VT100' is really easy to apply and 2 coats was plenty for full opacity.

Head over to Pretty Serious Cosmetics and have a look at all the other gorgeous products they make (including makeup). There is lots of polish on sale at the moment (including 'VT100') and the best part is that they ship internationally.

Last, but most certainly not least, thanks so much Lani buddy!