Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aca-Awkward! - Dollish Polish


I have a gorgeous polish to show you today that I absolutely adore. One trouble is that it was limited edition and so isn't easily available anymore - but you never know where it might pop up and if it does GRAB IT! This is Dollish Polish 'Aca-Awkward!'.

Aca-awkward, Dollish Polish, swatch, BM-423 stamp, Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing

Aca-awkward, Dollish Polish, swatch, BM-423 stamp, Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing
I wore this polish a few times in a row because I just loved it so much. It is so pretty but the brightness of the colour and the subtle holo make it so much fun to wear. For this mani, I stamped my middle and ring fingers using Bundle Monster plate BM-423 and Colours by Llarowe 'Refresh…ing'.

'Aca-Awkward!' was surprisingly opaque and 2 coats was more than enough for full opacity. It was also super easy to apply and didn't pull at the cuticles or anything silly like that.

As I mentioned, this polish is not currently available on the Dollish Polish website as it was a limited edition polish. But, keep your eyes out for Dolly's other LE polishes each month and grab them so you don't miss out on polishes like this one! Make sure you follow Dollish Polish on her various social media sites to keep up with updates (FacebookTwitter and Instagram).

Monday, August 4, 2014

VT100 - Pretty Serious Cosmetics


Long time no blog and for that I apologise! Life and uni got pretty crazy including a big exam. Time is flying by at a scary speed these days. Anyway I have a quick post tonight featuring a polish that I won in a giveaway hosted by a lovely fellow blogger buddy. Lani, from Lani Loves, is certainly responsible for many of my desperate lipstick needs (as well as nail polish and every other makeup item she blogs about). Make sure you pop over and check out Lani's blog. 'VT100' is my first Pretty Serious Cosmetics polish and it just happens to be one I've wanted since the first time I saw it a fair while ago now.

'VT100' is everything I wanted it to be and more. I love the shade of green, it is a bit different to other greens in my collection. The shimmery micro glitter is really what makes this polish stand out in my opinion - so eye-catching.

'VT100' is really easy to apply and 2 coats was plenty for full opacity.

Head over to Pretty Serious Cosmetics and have a look at all the other gorgeous products they make (including makeup). There is lots of polish on sale at the moment (including 'VT100') and the best part is that they ship internationally.

Last, but most certainly not least, thanks so much Lani buddy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Girly Bits - Into The Night

I have an oldie but a goodie to show you tonight. A polish that I've had for a long time now, I think this was one of my earlier indies, this is Girly Bits 'Into The Night'

Girly Bits, Into The Night, a-england Perceval, swatch

Girly Bits, Into The Night, a-england Perceval, swatch

Girly Bits, Into The Night, a-england Perceval, swatch
This is such a beauty. I have 2 coats of 'Into The Night' over top of a-england 'Perceval'. This polish is often put over various dark colours and it looks wonderful, but this is my most favourite combination. It makes the most beautiful blackened red, and then with those holographic particles… MMMMMmmmmm. Such a seductive combo - can I even say that about 2 nail polishes and have it make sense?

As I mentioned, I used this polish as a topper using 2 very thin coats which is how I like to use it. The blackened base is fairly sheer though just giving a black cast to whatever it is layered over if thin coats are used. It can be built up to full coverage with more coats. The holographic glitters are packed in to the polish and so apply really easily to the nail.

Girly Bits polishes are available through a number of websites so make sure you check out this list of distributors to see which ship to your location. You can follow Girly Bits on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with the latest news and swatches etc and of course the Girly Bits blog too. 'Into The Night' is currently in stock on the Girly Bits website at the time of writing this post so hop over there and grab it.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Star Kin - Sunny Day Rain & Terracotta Army

How is everyone? Been enjoying the World Cup? We have certainly been. Today I have a post more for my kiwi readers, but of course you others can still enjoy some pretty polish pictures too. This is a brand new to my blog, Star Kin, that is the baby of Ami (from Every Sensory) and her mum, Annette. I'm really proud to support this kiwi team and they really do make absolutely beautiful polishes! Today I have 2, 'Sunny Day Rain' and 'Terracotta Army'

Star Kin Sunny Day Rain, swatch, Skittlette

Star Kin Sunny Day Rain, swatch, Skittlette
This is 'Sunny Day Rain'. I have been trying to be on a low-buy for a good while now, but as soon as I saw this on Lani Loves, I knew I'd have to get it (thanks Lani <3). I love the mix of blue glitters in this and against the grey jelly base - perfect. The best part is that this polish is brimming with glitter, absolutely no fishing is necessary. The base is a bit sheer, but 3 coats was plenty for opacity.

For this skittlette mani (see ChitChatNails) I used Zoya 'London' on my pinky and stamped with Revlon 'Royal' and Bundle Monster BM-418. On my ring finger is a gradient using OPI 'Skull & Glossbones', OPI 'No Room for the Blues' and Revlon 'Royal'.

Terracotta Army, Star Kin, swatch

Terracotta Army, Star Kin, swatch
Next up is one of my favourites - 'Terracotta Army'. This is my perfect kind of polish. A most wonderfully saturated, burnt orange holo - what's not to love? I adore the colour of this polish. And to make things even better, this is really easy to apply and opaque - I think I used 2 coats for these photos.

Here's the kicker - NZ Post is really strict when it comes to sending polish out of the country (learnt the hard way here) so these polishes are only available to kiwis at this point. But for all you kiwis, head over to Star Kin on Etsy and show them some love.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Angels Have The Phone Box - Dollish Polish


How are we all? I have a really lovely polish to show you this evening that was recently released as part of the Dollish Polish Ultimate Fandom Collection. This is 'The Angels Have The Phone Box'

The Angels Have The Phone Box, Dollish Polish, Ultimate Fandom collection, swatch

The Angels Have The Phone Box, Dollish Polish, Ultimate Fandom collection, swatch
'The Angels Have The Phone Box' caught my eye straight away and I expected to receive a nice blue holo in the mail. This polish is much more than a nice blue holo. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised when I put this on my nails. The shade of blue is really unique in my collection. It's such a perfect blue and the holo - well let's just leave it there because we all know how I feel about holo.

What would make this better… a perfect formula of course! One coat was fully opaque for me, but as usual I did 2 for photos. No dragging, no bald spots, all-in-all pretty foolproof application.

Head on over to Dolly's Big Cartel shop because I've just checked and this polish is in stock right now. Make sure you follow Dollish Polish on her various social media sites to keep up with updates (FacebookTwitter and Instagram)

Monday, June 23, 2014

a-england - Excalibur Renaissance

Press Sample


I've finished exams! YAHOOO. Although I am not having a break, it is nice to be back in the lab and be able to come home in the evening and relax a bit (and do my nails). I have an a-england to show you today which will most likely be a bit of an old friendly face despite this being a new release. Excalibur was originally retired and revamped (you can see that version here), but recently 'Excalibur Renaissance' was released.

Excalibur Renaissance, a-england, swatch

Excalibur Renaissance, a-england, swatch
'Excalibur Renaissance' is a gorgeous platinum/silver metallic foil polish. This is quite a striking polish when worn as a full mani. It seriously catches the light in the most eye-catching way. Gorgeous. This is very similar to the original 'Excalibur', but to my eye the shimmer is a little finer. I think that makes this polish a little smoother and less brush strokey than the original.

Excalibur Renaissance, a-england, OPI Manicurist of Seville, MoYou Artist 01
My favourite way to use 'Excalibur' has always been as a stamping polish as it's so darn opaque. 'Excalibur Renaissance' lived perfectly up to my expectations and stamped just as easily as its predecessor. Here, I have stamped using 'Excalibur Renaissance' and MoYou plate 01 from the Artist Collection - underneath is OPI 'Manicurist of Seville'.

Overall, this polish was up to the usual high a-england standard as far as formula goes. Opacity is ridiculously good with one coat being super opaque. The only thing is that a little care needs to be taken  to minimise brush strokes, but it's not too bad.

a-england polishes can be purchased from a lot of places around the world. Unfortunately, you can only order direct from them if you are in the UK, but be sure to check out their list of worldwide distributors to find a place close to where you live. You can also follow a-england on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest news from them.

This product was provided for review. This is my personal, unbiased opinion.
For more information, see my disclosure policy.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'll tumble For Ya - Dollish Polish (+ Gradient)


I'm half way through my exams! WOOHOO. Today I have a little mani to show you that I wore for about the last week. I haven't worn a glitter for ages (I don't have time for the removal process), but I was really feeling like wearing one. So naturally I had to look in my Dollish Polish drawer in my helmer. I came out with 'I'll Tumble For Ya' and thought I might do a gradient inspired by the glitters like I did for some of my last few Dollish Polish posts (here, here and here). So here you go…

I'll Tumble For Ya, Dollish Polish, swatch, gradient OPI

I'll Tumble For Ya, Dollish Polish, swatch, gradient OPI
I love 'I'll Tumble For Ya' so much. There's something about white polish that is just so clean. The glitter colours in this polish are just so perfect together too. For the gradient I used Avon 'Strawberry', OPI 'No Room For the Blues' and OPI Greenwich Village'.

I used 3 coats of 'I'll Tumble For Ya'. As you can see in the bottle there are stars and bigger glitters, these didn't wanna come out and play too much and I couldn't be bothered fishing too much so I just made do with exactly what came out on my brush - I don't mind that it's slightly more subtle. The formula was really easy to work with though and really opaque too.

Head on over to Dolly's Big Cartel shop because I've just checked and this polish is in stock right now. Make sure you follow Dollish Polish on her various social media sites to keep up with updates (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

Hope you are all doing well and I will see you on the other side of my exams next week :D