Friday, February 17, 2012

I Eat Mainely Lobster - OPI

I have for you today some photos of the nail polish I actually wore on Valentine's Day. This is 'I Eat Mainely Lobster' from OPI's 'Touring America' collection released in the second half of 2011 for "fall" in America. By the way, I loved quite a lot of this collection, especially the dark polishes (I'm such a sucker for dark vampy colours), so you're sure to see some more from this collection as the weather gets a little chillier and the darker polishes come out from their summer hibernation.

I Eat Mainely Lobster, OPI, Touring America collection - swatch
'I Eat Mainely Lobster' is a super bright coral shimmer. Yes I said shimmer, though the micro-shimmer in this polish seems to be particularly elusive (especially with a camera pointed at it). Watch, I'll prove there's shimmer in there somewhere.

I Eat Mainely Lobster, OPI, Touring America collection - swatch
See it in the bottle there... So pretty. 'I Eat Mainely Lobster' actually has incredibly fine gold shimmer in it.

I Eat Mainely Lobster, OPI, Touring America collection - swatch
In full bright sunlight it starts to show itself a little just giving the polish a slight luminescent quality. The shimmer doesn't appear as shimmer unless you look close, but rather it just reflects the light beautifully off all parts of the nail.

I Eat Mainely Lobster, OPI, Touring America collection - swatch
In this close-up, you can see just how sparse the shimmer is in this polish. I actually really like that it's so subtle. There are plenty of polishes out there that have a ton of shimmer in them but I don't always feel like wearing something like that. 'I Eat Mainely Lobster' is like the tastefully bejeweled cousin of 'My Chihuahua Bites' :)

I Eat Mainely Lobster, OPI, Touring America collection - swatch

'I Eat Mainely Lobster' doesn't seem to shift colour too much in different lighting. It generally ranges from a slightly more salmon-y colour, to a fairly orange leaning colour (as seen in the full sun photo and in the close-up one). To be honest it looks more salmon-y in full sunlight in real life than orange but that colour did not want to be photographed! This last photo is the closest I got to the correct colour of that particular side of this colour.

Formula wise... 'I Eat Mainely Lobster' applied just the way I have come to expect all OPI polishes to apply... well. I did use three coats because I am having slight issues with my base coat at present and I wanted three coats to forgive my imperfections in my rush to apply this polish and let it dry in the hour I had to get ready for work. I'm sure with a little more care, two coats would have been sufficient! Just while I'm thinking it, whenever I go back to polishing with an OPI polish after not using one for a while, I just realise what a dream the brush is to use! Perfect size for three stroke per nail coats. As for what I was saying about my base coat, I am having trouble with polishes sticking to it and dragging, even when I give it plenty of time to dry. I am currently using Essie 'Millionails' and I want to persevere with it a little longer as it is slowly strengthening my VERY weak and peely nails. I will be going back to something a little more user-friendly as far as the colour coats on top are concerned in a couple of weeks so until then, please bare with my often using more coats than may always be necessary. I used Essie 'Good To Go' as the top coat over 'I Eat Mainely Lobster'.

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