Thursday, February 23, 2012

Planks A Lot - OPI

Early last year OPI released a 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' themed collection to coincide with the release of the 4th movie 'On Stranger Tides'. At first I wasn't all too excited about this collection as the colours seemed kind of "blah" and I decided the only one I wanted was 'Mermaid's Tears'. Well it turns out that I ended up with all of the crèmes in the collection EXCEPT 'Mermaid's Tears' and they are in fact some of my absolute favourite polishes. Anyway enough chit-chat, let me show you one of the polishes from this collection... 'Planks A Lot'...

Planks A Lot, OPI - Pirates Of The Caribbean, swatch
'Planks A Lot' is a lavender-ish colour. I've tried to find, somewhere in my brain, what this colour is like... A little like African Violets maybe and the obvious thought of certain Lavender plants.

Planks A Lot, OPI - Pirates Of The Caribbean, swatch
In indirect ight, this polish shows its ever so slightly bluer side. I love how this is just such a pure purple. The thing that really attracts me to this collection is that all the polishes (not including the shatter) have a certain dusty quality to them. It takes them from being so run-of-the-mill. This polish is no exception although you'll see as I post some of the other polishes from the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' collection that this dustiness becomes a little more apparent in some of the paler hues.

The formula was great. I used three coats but that was mainly due to the fact that I was photographing it and my camera is not particularly forgiving. At two coats it would be fine for normal wear. As usual I used Essie 'Millionails' as a base coat and I used a-england's 'The Shield' top coat.

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