Monday, February 20, 2012

Designer... De Better! - OPI

I have been braving the glitters a lot lately, I must say, even though I so desperately dread their removal (thank goodness for the old tin-foil trick!). Today I have a pretty full-on foil for you all from OPI's recent holiday collection - The Muppets Collection. This is 'Designer... De Better!'

Designer... De Better!, OPI, The Muppets Collection
I've never worn a silver foil before because I feel they can be a little obnoxious (plus I feel as though I should be donning a silver foil space suit to match), but 'Designer... De Better!' has a little secret weapon to make it slightly more approachable in the form of its copper particles. In bright full sunlight (see the right side of my nails), this polish becomes mirror like and oh-so-shiny...

Designer... De Better!, OPI, The Muppets Collection
... Head into some shade and the copper/orange colour really takes the stage, giving this the look of an entirely different polish.

Designer... De Better!, OPI, The Muppets Collection

The usual close-up action so you can see those great little copper pieces that mean that I was brave enough to wear (and enjoy wearing) this polish. The main silvery colour of this polish is actually slightly leaning to a creamy silver which seems to add to the appeal.

Absolutely easy application. I did use three coats but I'm not convinced that I actually needed the last one. Removal was, as expected, an absolute bugger. For anyone reading this blog who doesn't know about the tin-foil method of removal... You soak a cotton pad in remover and wrap it around your nail, wrap some tin-foil around the cotton pad and forget about it for a couple of minutes. I actually usually wrap around two or three fingers together with one pad and foil, leaving me with little crab pincers for a while :) After a bit, put a little pressure on your nail through the foil and pull it off the nail (wiping along the nail as it comes off) and ta-da... Most of the polish should have come off in one go. This way of removing glitter polishes is the only reason I dare to use them. One thing... the remover will leave your skin pretty dry after so make sure you give your cuticles some extra TLC. One more tip... If you are doing any clean up of this polish after painting your nails, beware! The glitter will go EVERYWHERE!! I used Essie 'Millionails' as the base coat and again I opted for the slightly thicker Sally Hansen 'Insta-Dri' as the top coat to try to avoid a funny texture.

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