Thursday, February 2, 2012

a-england - Saint George

Another legendary polish from a-england's 'The Legend' collection. Today I have for you 'Saint George'.

Saint George, St George, a-england, The Legend, swatch
Yet another super stunning polish from Adina and a-england, 'Saint George' is a brooding, deep teal colour with a subtle holographic shimmer. I absolutely love everything about this colour.

Saint George, St George, a-england, The Legend, swatch
In full sunlight, you can see the huge amount of shimmer in this polish. 'Saint George' is sort of like the darker cousin of 'Dragon'.

Saint George, St George, a-england, The Legend, swatch
In indirect sunlight, the depth of the colour comes to the fore. The colour darkens and becomes the perfect representation of the mysterious dragon slayer - the brave Saint George.

Saint George, St George, a-england, The Legend, swatch
In the full range of light - from full shade through to full sun - you can see how the colour changes. In the shade, this polish seems to have a blackened veil over it, go into full sun and the bright blue/green of the teal bursts through.

Saint George, St George, a-england, The Legend, swatch
The close-up and macro photos again showcase the change in the polish with the change in light. In more light the holographic shimmer really enhances the blue in 'Saint George'. This polish reminds me a lot of being in the middle of the ocean on a very calm night with just the moon as a source of light.

To the formula... First up, this polish gave me a little trouble on the formula side of things. It was really quite thick to the point where it wasn't especially easy to apply. I added a few drops of trusty thinner and I have every confidence that that has sorted it out. This polish is actually fully opaque in one coat, so potentially, if I was careful, I could manage one slightly thicker coat. Trouble is, I'm a serious creature of habit and I feel much better doing two thinner coats in order to make sure that everything is smooth and pretty. At the end of the day, the minor thickness issue doesn't even come close to making me not want to wear this polish again in the very near future! As usual, I used Essie 'Millionails' underneath 'Saint George' and I used a-england's 'The shield' (appropriate for use with this slaying Saint I think) top coat.

Just in case I haven't made it clear already... I am entirely in love with this brand and particularly this collection. I have managed to get my fingers on 6 of the 7 polishes and I'm sure the 7th will follow in due course. Just to whet your appetite I have here the 6 of them together...

From left to right - 'Bridal Veil', 'Saint George', 'Dragon', 'Princess Sabra' (aka 'Tristam Eyes' - I will explain when I post this polish!), 'Ascalon' (Saint George's sword) and 'Princess Tears'

Please excuse the horrible lighting! Auckland has decided to be particularly overcast today and it's less than ideal lighting to show you these to-die-for polishes! This photo does these polishes no justice but that just means that if you think they're nice here, you'll think they're amazing in full sunlight when I eventually post them.

To remind you, these polishes will be available shortly from the a-england site, but until then, these polishes are able to be ordered by emailing Adina -

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