Sunday, January 29, 2012

a-england - Dragon

'The Legend' has landed!! I got my first 3 polishes from a-england's 'The Legend' collection on Friday and I'm so excited to show you the first of them today... Let's get straight to the good part - the photos...

a-england, Dragon, The Legend, swatch
Dragon is a gorgeous forest green verging on jade. I was afraid it would be too green, but it's depth of colour makes it that little bit more sophisticated.

a-england, Dragon, The Legend, swatch
This photo was taken indoors in indirect light and you can see the subtle holographic nature of the polish peeking out.

a-england, Dragon, The Legend, swatch

Again in indirect light, the holographic beauty is on display. This polish instantly makes me think of the fourth Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". It is the perfect colour of the "Common Welsh Green Dragon" if you ask me!

a-england, Dragon, The Legend, swatch
The base green colour has a golden hue about it that makes it all the more dragon-like.

a-england, Dragon, macro, The Legend, swatch
The macro shot gives you a little more idea of the colours making up this beautiful green legend. From blue right through green to gold.

The formula of Dragon was exactly as I have come to expect from a-england. It was so easy to apply. It was slightly on the thick side but this didn't cause any issues. I used two coats for absolute opacity. As a base coat I used Essie 'Millionails' and as a top coat I used a-england 'The Shield'. One thing I will note is that the polish appeared to dull ever so slightly after I applied the top coat, though it was not very noticeable and it definitely wasn't enough to make me want to skip the top coat. As for how the polish lasts... It stood up to the test of working behind the bar on Friday without any tip-wear or chipping at all! It still looks as fresh and shiny now as I type this, as it did when I first put it on on Friday morning (even after spilling acetone all over one of my freshly painted nails!).

'The Legend' collection is not yet available from the a-england website, but this beauty and its 6 noble companions can be ordered by emailing Adina at The generous Adina is still offering free world-wide shipping and at present 'The Legend' collection remains at £9 a bottle (just two more reasons to LOVE this brand)!

P.s. Happy (belated) Chinese New Year! The year of the dragon - how appropriate!

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  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai for the Year of the Dragon - auspicious indeed...... and very beautiful. Go A-England!


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