Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go

My first nail polish swatches and review had to be something that I love and 'Sea How Far You Go' is definitely that. Nicole by OPI polishes were almost impossible to come by in New Zealand (except for the Justin Bieber collection) and had to be ordered online, but to my absolute delight (not so much to my wallet's delight) they are now available at Life Pharmacy and Smith and Caughey for $19.90. I picked up this beauty yesterday.

'Sea How Far You Go' is a beautiful gold and blue duochrome. Dan has named it "baby Chanel 'Peridot'" and I love that description. This polish has instantly become one of my absolute favourites!

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go swatch

This is 3 coats of colour and in some lights it is still ever so slightly see-through (though you would have to be peering at it with very beady eyes). You can notice the duochrome effect quite well here with the blue and gold shining through.

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go swatch

I love how subtle this polish is, yet when you actually stop to look at it, you see so much more than you'd ever have expected. I just keep looking and looking at it!

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go swatch

You can see here with backlighting that the gold is much more prominent than the blue, though the blue still peeks out from behind the gold, not wanting to be forgotten.

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go swatch

Nicole by OPI - Sea How Far You Go swatch

Finally for some close-up action of this beauty! I can't find a single thing not to love about this gorgeous polish.

As for the formula, it was a dream to apply even though the brush was so odd and will take a little getting used to. I should mention the 'New perfect stroke brush' that is in this polish is now in fact the "old perfect stroke brush". Any of the newer Nicole collections (like the 'Kardashian Kolors') have a much smaller and more normal brush. This brush is huge and paddle shaped and holds SOOO much polish that it's ridiculous. I have seen so many bad reviews of this brush and it was not actually anywhere near as bad as I was expecting, just different. For these swatches I used Essie 'Millionails' as my base coat and Essie 'Good To Go' as my top coat.

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