Monday, January 23, 2012

a-england - Lady Of The Lake

Today I bring to you my first swatches from my most favourite brand a-england. This is a relatively new brand by Adina Bodana. These polishes have soared instantly to cult status and are easily my favourites from my whole collection! The first collection by a-england is 'The Mythicals' and that is where this polish hails from...

'Lady Of The Lake'...

a-England, Lady Of The Lake, the mythicals, swatch
'Lady Of The Lake' is a deep royal purple that is brimming with holographic splendour. In natural light, you can see how fine the holographic shimmer is, making it subtle and oh so elegant.

Adina tells of the Lady Of The Lake on her site...



the iconic hand with sword

(Foster mother of Lancelot) a woman of great magical power. She resided in the murky water of a lake, an otherworld. She presented the mythical sword Excalibur to King Arthur with her hand emerging from the water."

One of the things Adina seems to do so well, is to capture the story behind the names of her polishes. This polish personifies the magic of this woman, not to mention the glint of the sword that emerges form the murky depths of the lake in which she resides.

a-England, Lady Of The Lake, konad m3, swatch
The macro shot really speaks for itself!

a-England, Lady Of The Lake, Konad m3, swatch
On my ring finger you can see my maiden attempt at Konading!! I used plate m3 that I received as part of the starter kit that I purchased. The polish I used for stamping was another of the a-england 'The Mythicals' - 'Excalibur' (King Arthur's magic sword). This polish is typical of a-england's fantastic formula! It is a wonder polish for stamping as it is easily opaque in one coat.

a-England, Lady Of The Lake, Konad m3, swatch
A close-up of the two designs that I did on my ring fingers. Not a bad attempt for my first go.

a-England, Lady Of The Lake, Konad m3, swatch
Need I say more about the magical Excalibur...

a-England, Lady Of The Lake, Konad m3, swatch
For a final look in shaded indoor light. 'Lady Of The Lake' seems to recede back into the depths a little, making this shade a little more mysterious but still magnificent.

As I hinted at earlier, a-england polishes are always a pleasure to apply. The formula is just right - thin enough to spread easily without being too thin and 'Lady Of The Lake' is a perfect two-coater. I had a couple of fingers pull slightly around the cuticle area but I am fairly sure this is due to my haste in wanting to put this on before my base coat had even thought about drying. I have never had this problem with this before and when I stopped to let things dry for a moment everything went back to normal. I used Essie 'Millionails' as my base and Essie 'Good To Go' as my top coat.

On a side note, Adina has recently released her brand new 'The Legend' collection based on the story of St George and the dragon. Three out of seven of these polishes are currently en route to me and you can be sure I will be wearing one as soon as they arrive so stay tuned... To see this collection, I would recommend you visit Eugenia at to get some serious eye-candy! The polishes in this collection are quite simply breath-taking! I can't wait!


  1. This is stunning. You did a great job stamping! I've practiced some, but I'm still not that good at stamping yet. Lol

    1. I'm kinda scared of stamping! I need to practice more. I love the look of it but I'm still a major novice at it. Right, note to self... do more stamping! :)


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