Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four Leaf Clover - China Glaze

Todays polish is a right little bugger of a polish! I say that not because of how it looks or how it applied or anything like that, but because it was IMPOSSIBLE to capture the colour! So I apologise in advance for the very peculiar lighting used to get close to what this beauty actually looks like...

This here is China Glaze's 'Four Leaf Clover'...

Excuse the super lobster-y skin but the polish here does look similar to the colour of 'Four Leaf Clover'. It's a really happy bright green-y, blue-y, jade-y colour. It's difficult to put my finger on any single colour to describe this polish.

This photo displays just how green this polish truly is. It's so saturated and bright and summery!

So just for the sake of curiosity, I've included a representation of how 99% of my photos of 'Four Leaf Clover' turned out. Yes this is the same polish! It certainly is a very blue leaning green but it doesn't look anything like the teal colour of this photo. There is a little bit of truth to this photo in that it does show you how gorgeously shiny this crème was. Every time I look at this photo I laugh because it really doesn't look like this much at all!

To the formula... This is the first China Glaze polish I've ever actually used! And I was not disappointed. The brush was pretty skinny and i do prefer the wider OPI style brushes but it didn't actually cause any difficulty. The polish itself glided onto the nail with minimum effort. I did use three coats for blog photo purposes but 2 would be perfectly sufficient. Overall this colour is a big winner if you ask me. It's pure happiness on my nails :) Also, as to this being my first China Glaze experience, I have since purchased 'Sweet Hook' from the recent 'Electropop' collection and am being tempted by several more, so stay tuned for that...

For my kiwi readers, I know that China Glaze is not particularly accessible but Candy Girl have a great range, which is where I got 'Four Leaf Clover' (and 'Sweet Hook'). China Glaze polishes are $13.95 from Candy Girl and $4.40 per order for postage.

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