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Colours by Llarowe - Pretty Woman Collection, Spring 2015 - part 1 The Shimmers

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I have just got home from a big old uni exam and I was about to start some more work for the next test on Friday. So before that, why not share some gorgeous polishes with you. These polishes are from the very recently released collection by Colors by Llarowe for Spring 2015, inspired by the 25th anniversary of Pretty Woman. I will break this collection up into 2 or 3 posts. First up, the shimmers...

First of all, the formula for all of these was similar in that all of these polishes were really easy to work with so I won't mention this individually.

Slippery Little Suckers, colors by llarowe, swatch

Slippery Little Suckers, colors by llarowe, swatch
'Slippery Little Suckers'
'Slippery Little Suckers' is a peachy pink with electric blue shimmer. I really like the softness of this polish, but the blue shimmer really brings it alive. I thought this polish was going to look terrible on me against my pale skin, but actually I quite liked it. 3 coats used.

Big mistake. big. huge. Colors by llarowe, swatch

Big mistake. big. huge. Colors by llarowe, swatch
'Big Mistake. Big. Huge.'
LOVE this polish. A lilac purple/pink base that is jam-packed with warm gold shimmer. The shimmer is so beautiful and prominent in 'Big Mistake. Big. Huge.'. An unexpected favourite. And only 2 coats needed.

Barney, colors by llarowe, swatch

Barney, colors by llarowe, swatch
'Barney' is a gorgeous pink-leaning purple polish with pink/purple shimmer. The shimmer appears a fairly similar colour to the polish and so it just acts to bring this polish to life a bit – making it catch the light perfectly. 2 coats needed for this one too.

Blue Banana, colors by llarowe, swatch

Blue Banana, colors by llarowe, swatch
'Blue Banana'
This blurple/indigo polish was such a pain in the butt to photograph. It was so tough to capture the beauty of 'Blue Banana' especially that purple shimmer. The shimmer is not quite as obvious on the nail as some of the other polishes, but it is still very visible. I used 2 coats.

I Want the Fairytale, Colors by Llarowe, swatch

I Want the Fairytale, Colors by Llarowe, swatch
'I Want the Fairytale'
An electric blue/turquoise polish with purple shimmer - another one that I loved, but did not love photographing (I think my camera just doesn't like blues). Well I finally got it close to colour accurate, but again the shimmer just isn't quite what it could be in these pictures. In bright light this polish is really eye-catching. This one is a little sheerer than the other, needing 4 coats, but totally worth the extra coat or 2. One thing to note is that there were a few little bits of unmixed pigment, but with a couple of coats these were really not visible.

Overall, I really liked these polishes, none of them disappointed. As I said, there were no problems application-wise.

These polishes are all currently available on the Llarowe website and will be until mid June. After that, keep your eyes out because some of these beauties may be headed for the core line. These shimmers are all $10 each and can be shipped worldwide. Also keep an eye on the Colors by Llarowe Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  pages for updates.

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  1. Oh wow stunning collection :-D I'm liking them all :-D

    1. Just wait for the holos, they are so gorgeous!!!


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