Sunday, November 24, 2013

Winter Hyacinth & Coldwraith - Femme Fatale

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I have a couple of Femme Fatale polishes to show you today. I'm really excited to try these as I think that Aussie indies are really some of the most exciting. Today I have 'Winter Hyacinth' and 'Coldwraith'.

Winter Hyacinth, Femme Fatale, swatch

Winter Hyacinth, Femme Fatale, swatch
I really like this polish. It's really pretty and there's something romantic about it (which is difficult to say in a glitter, I think). The shade of blue is really gorgeous and soft. The pink holographic glitters really catch the light and play so well against the blue of the base.

The base is perfectly jelly-like, to add to the soft look of this polish. Due to the jelly nature of the base, it is fairly sheer. This is 3 thinnish coats and though it's not fully opaque, I like this level of opacity (remember also, my camera and lighting makes it look slightly more sheer in these photos than in real life).

Coldwraith, Femme Fatale, swatch

Coldwraith, Femme Fatale, swatch
This is 'Coldwraith' and it is another beauty. Femme Fatale suggests putting this over dark blue or black and I did try that and it was gorgeous, but my top coat shrank it horribly so I couldn't take pictures. Looking online, that's how it is mostly swatched, so I decided to try something else. This is one very thin coat of 'Coldwraith' over a-england 'King Arthur' and I really like how this looks together.

Coldwraith, Femme Fatale, swatch
The base in 'Coldwraith' is a very dark blue and this photo shows what it looks like with 2 coats over 'King Arthur'. The different blue glitters that are PACKED into this polish all catch the light differently, giving a really gorgeous eye-catching polish against its dark base.

With both of these polishes, the glitter is jam-packed into them. I did actually pop a few drops of thinner into 'Colwraith' and even then I wiped quite a lot of the glitter off the brush. I think that is fantastic, it means you have total control over how dense you want the glitter. 'Winter Hyacinth' was packed full too and that meant that there was absolutely no fishing for the larger glitters - the white hexes and diamonds. Keep in mind that I have minis so that may have helped a tiny bit. Because of the density of the glitter, a thick top coat will be needed. I use a very thin top coat (Essie 'Good To Go') and I needed 2 coats and I still had a bit of texture happening.

Femme Fatale polishes are available from their website (these are $10 AUD each) and they are also stockists of a whole lot of other polish brands and also makeup, so go check them out. Femme Fatale polishes are also available from some other places - be sure to check out the list of international stockists.

You can keep up to date with Femme Fatale by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. Oh my gosh, winter hyacinth is gorgeous! I love the color combo and the different glitters.

    1. It really is, isn't it? I think the greeny blue of the base is so gorgeous with the pink glitter.


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