Monday, December 23, 2013

Polished By KPT - Dark Angels & Liquid Gold

Press Sample


I have the last 2 Polished By KPT polishes to show you today. I have one foil chrome effect polish and one holographic effect polish. First up 'Liquid Gold'.

Liquid Gold, Polish By KPT, swatch

Liquid Gold, Polish By KPT, swatch
'Liquid Gold' is a gorgeous pale, almost champagne gold colour and it is full of more yellow gold irregular flakes. I tend to stay away from gold polish mostly because I am so pale, but still with yellow undertones so I don't suit a lot of golds (though I only wear gold jewellery… weird…), but this one is light enough that it was really pretty. I like how the flakes give the polish a sort of gilded effect, it's so Christmassy to me.

Dark Angels, Polished By KPT, swatch

Dark Angels, Polished By KPT, swatch
Now for a real favourite of mine! This is 'Dark Angels' and it is a holographic beauty. When I first opened up my parcel from Katherine, I saw this and knew I'd love it - dark + holographic is always going to equal love for me - but it was once I put it on, I got a pleasant surprise. At certain angles, there is a slate/blue look to this polish, then on extreme angles it shines red! I love that this is so much more than a black holo, basically I love a polish that can surprise me.

Both of these were, as usual, easy to apply. I used 3 coats for both. 'Dark Angels' was a little thicker (not at all in a bad way), so potentially if you use thinner coats than I did, you may need 4 coats. 'Liquid Gold' was also perfectly smooth after one normal coat of top coat.

Polished By KPT polishes are available direct from Katherine's Big Cartel shop if you're in the USA. For those international people, check out this 'where to buy' tab. All polishes are 3-free and not tested on animals.


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