Sunday, April 6, 2014

Polished by KPT - Blossoming & Love In Bloom

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How are you all? Some lovely polishes arrived at my house a week or so ago and I am very excited to share them, so let's just get started with 2 of the thermal polishes from the recent 'March Into Spring' collection from Polished by KPT - this is 'Blossoming' and 'Love In Bloom'


Polished by KPT, Blossoming, swatch

Polished by KPT, Blossoming, swatch

Polished by KPT, Blossoming, swatch
First up is 'Blossoming'. Starting from the top is the colour when hot through to cold. This is absolutely gorgeous with the flakes in there that just peek through the gold micro-flake type particles. This is so spring/summer-y to me. It makes me sad that we're heading quickly towards Winter (even though I don't mind Winter at all really). The cold colour especially makes the gold stand out so well.

Polished by KPT, Blossoming, swatch
Check out how packed in those particles are and the way they seem to shift in colour from pink to gold depending on how the light is catching them. 

Love In Bloom

Love In Bloom, Polished by KPT, swatch

Love In Bloom, Polished by KPT, swatch

Love In Bloom, Polished by KPT, swatch
'Love In Bloom' is similar to 'Blossoming' in the style of the small flakey particles and the gorgeous way in which they catch the light, appearing to shift in colour. Again, the photo at the top is the hot colour for this polish with the dark purple appearing in cold.

Both of these polishes have a jelly-like base that is a little sheer, but builds really easily. I wore three coats when I wore both of these and that was plenty for me (though I think for photos, I have used 4 coats of 'Blossoming').These polishes are slightly on the thick side, but not at all in a bad way. It has been very muggy here and these 2 polishes didn't change colour very readily while I was wearing them unfortunately (I had to use iced water to take pictures of the cold colours), I will have to wear them again when the weather is a bit less humid and warm as usually my Polished by KPT thermals change all the time throughout the day.

Polished By KPT polishes are available direct from Katherine's Big Cartel shop if you're in the USA. For those international people, check out this 'where to buy' tab. You can also keep an eye out for restocks etc by following on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest.  All polishes are 3-free and not tested on animals.

Make sure you stay tuned for the next couple of polishes from the 'March Into Spring' collection as the one I'm wearing as I type this up is AMAZING!!

These products were provided for review. This is my personal, unbiased opinion.
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