Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nomad - Illamasqua

Hi all!

Hope you are all doing well. I'm so close to being able to have some evenings off and I can't wait! Just need to get through these next 2 weeks with my exams and then a tiny bit of freedom. Yahoo! Anywho, I have a couple of photos of a polish I wore recently. This is 'Nomad' by Illamasqua

Nomad, Illamasqua, swatch

Nomad, Illamasqua, swatch
This is such a gorgeous polish that I've had for a while now but never photographed. The other day I just felt like wearing a nice crème polish and this one fit the bill. I used cling film with Illamasqua 'Rampage' and Barry M 'Gold Foil' for my accent finger.

'Nomad' has a really easy formula to work with. I only needed 2 coats for full opacity. I absolutely love how vibrant this shade of green is, it was exactly what I felt like.

Thanks for popping by!

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  1. Nomad is gorgeous! I like what you've done with the your ring finger!

    Good luck with your evenings off! I work nightshift so never have evenings off :-(


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