Saturday, July 14, 2012

IKB: 2012 - Rescue Beauty Lounge & Splish Splash - China Glaze

I can't beleive it's already time to go back to uni! It's going to be a shock to the system being in class at 8am on Monday morning. Oh well I have one more day to relax and spend as much time as I want painting my nails. :) I had a really good nail mail this week including a box of polish from Transdesign. I ordered a fair few of the China Glaze Summer Neons, including 'Splish Splash', a gorgeous blue that just had to be used ASAP, so...

Splish Splash - Chine Glaze, IKB: 2012 - Rescue Beauty Lounge, swatch
'Splish Splash' is adorned with some glitters that I ordered from the Born Pretty Store. These have been termed as "glequins" by Sammy from The Nailasaurus (a cross between glitter and sequins). On my index and pinky fingers is 'IKB: 2012' from Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Splish Splash - Chine Glaze, IKB: 2012 - Rescue Beauty Lounge, swatch
We all know that blues are notoriously hard to photograph correctly. This particular photo seems to portray 'IKB: 2012' fairly well. It's such a gorgeously clean colour, but it's very complex. I have no clue how best to describe it (other than amazing). It's so vivid and saturated and has a really intriguing purpley hue about it in certain lighting.

Splish Splash - Chine Glaze, IKB: 2012 - Rescue Beauty Lounge, swatch
'Splish Splash' proved a bit more evasive. It's so bright and just the perfect summery blue. Even better than that, is the beautiful shimmer in this polish. In the earlier photos, the shimmer has taken over a bit and 'Splish Splash' looks a little bit paler in those than it does in real life.

I loved wearing this mani so very much. I am such a blue lover (I know I say this about every colour)! Both of these were pretty easy to apply. 'Splish Splash' has a really nice consistency and covered with perfect opacity in two coats. 'IKB: 2012' was not too bad either. First coat was a bit streaky but the second coat smoothed everything over beautifully. It doesn't really dry shiny (in fact neither of these do) so top coat is needed. Also in order to keep the glitters on, I needed a few coats of top coat. I lost one within an hour of it being on (with only one thick-ish layer of top coat), but they're so easy to use I just popped another one on and some more top coat - good as new. For applying these, I used the same technique as for the studs.

To get these "glequins", have a look on the Born Pretty Store and just like I said with the studs, check out your favourite blogs because some of them are bound to have discount codes.


  1. I skipped Splish Splash when I ordered my CG neons, but you're makin me think I need it. :)

    1. You definitely need it!!!!! lol! I nearly skipped it too, I'm so pleased I didn't. It's one of those polishes that has to be seen in real life... It's even better than I could imagine! :)


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