Sunday, July 29, 2012

Order Of The Garter - a-england & Fantasy Fire - Max Factor

As I said to you the other day, I got Max Factor 'Fantasy Fire' from Esther from Fab Fingertips. Well it was just sitting on top of my Helmer next to a-england's 'Order Of The Garter', so I just thought I'd try it on top of that first. I think this isn't the best combo to show you 'Fantasy Fire' in all its glory as it wasn't super obvious, but I still loved it...

Order Of The Garter - a-england, Fantasy Fire - Max Factor, swatch
In full sunlight, 'Fantasy Fire' (on my ring finger and pinky) is very subtle and really just gives 'Order Of The Garter' a little bit of extra red shimmer. Speaking of 'Order Of The Garter', this is one seriously magical polish. I originally didn't get this polish with the rest of The Legend collection and when I did finally get it, I could've slapped myself for taking so long! It has the most gorgeous turquoise-y glass flecks in it that just make it come alive! I love blue polish and I think this may well be at the top of my list of loves!

Order Of The Garter - a-england, Fantasy Fire - Max Factor, swatch
'Order Of The Garter' is such a beautiful vibrant blue. I think this is a really wearable blue as well. I know that some people tend to shy away from blues, but this polish, though quite bright, is one that will look beautiful on everyone, I think. See how 'Fantasy Fire' just seems to turn 'Order Of The Garter' into a shimmer bomb. Love.

Order Of The Garter - a-england, Fantasy Fire - Max Factor, swatch
In lower, indirect light, you can see a little better the red veil that 'Fantasy Fire' gives 'Order Of The Garter'. In artificial light, at night, 'Fantasy Fire' really comes out to play and becomes much more obvious. You can really see the duochrome action of it. Trouble is, I couldn't really capture it on my camera.

Order Of The Garter - a-england, Fantasy Fire - Max Factor, swatch
You can catch a glimpse of the duochrome effect of 'Fantasy Fire' here and other than that, you'll just have to take my word that this combo is absolutely gorgeous! One of those things you have to see in real life.

As far as formula goes... It's not a surprise to anyone that a-england gives me another perfect formula. I used 3 thin coats of 'Order Of The Garter'. Two coats was so close to being enough, but the third coat just gave it a little extra oomph. 'Fantasy Fire' is just one quick thin coat, no problems there.

As usual, a-england polishes are available from their website with free worldwide shipping. Unfortunately, 'Fantasy Fire' is a UK exclusive so unless you live there or know someone who does, it may well prove elusive :(

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