Sunday, October 28, 2012

Royal - Revlon & a bit o' stamping with Rare and Radiant - China Glaze...

How are you all? Kiwi's - how are exams going? Mine start on Monday and I'm currently in hibernation, only I'm studying all day every day instead of sleeping... I have a quick post today of a mani that I did with a couple of polishes that I received in my AMAZING package from Mimi...

This is Revlon 'Royal' stamped with China Glaze 'Rare and Radiant'. I used my new LeaLaC XL - B stamping plate (which I absolutely love).

This was fairly subtle in lower light but it really popped in the sun. It was so hard to photograph though, especially the multichrome effect of 'Rare and Radiant'.

I absolutely love 'Royal' and I'm so glad that Mimi got it for me. I love the way it looks with 'Rare and Radiant' too. 'Royal' was so easy to use. I can't remember for sure, but I think I used three thin coats. In these pics you can see a tiny bit of VNL, but that really wasn't obvious at all in real life.

The stamping plate is not currently available, as far as I can find, but I got it from Llarowe. Hopefully they'll reappear on the site sometime soon.


  1. Hi, I'm your new follower)
    This duochrome looks so interesting over vibrant blue!
    Good luck at your exams:)

    1. Hi Maria. Thanks for following :)
      Yea I quite liked the subtle effect R&R had over Royal. The colour change was so pretty in the sun :)

  2. Ooh! How did I not see this mani! Looks great, loving the stamp + colors. I really need to get on doing some stamping :(

    1. Thanks Lexie. I love stamping more and more every time I do it! The XL plate makes life much easier :)


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