Monday, December 3, 2012

Cinderella - Sinful Colors + Stamping

I have another installment from Mimi's last box o' treats. This time it's Sinful Colors 'Cinderella'. I have to say I was so excited to see this little lady in the box! I've been wanting 'Cinderella' ever since I first starting seeing pics of it and I am so pleased I own it now, so thanks again Mimi!!

Cinderella, Sinful Colors, LeaLac XL B, Ulta3 Orchid, swatch
I didn't get a pic of 'Cinderella' alone because I was in a desperate hurry to get this all finished before dinner, but you can still get a good idea of it (plus there are around 1000 photos out there already). But seriously look at that flecky, flakey, shimmery goodness would you! It's so pretty.

Cinderella, Sinful Colors, LeaLac XL B, Ulta3 Orchid, swatch
I found it so hard to capture the pink of the shimmer, but it actually gets amplified by the purple of the stamp. I used Ulta3 'Orchid' with LeaLaC XL - B. Not my best work, but like I said I was in a major hurry. I do like the way the purple and blue look together. I did feel a little like a princess ;)

I have heard some things about 'Cinderella', formula-wise, that weren't entirely good, but I didn't really have any trouble. It is sort of thick in that slightly foamy sort of way, but it wasn't really hard to manage at all. It's reasonably sheer and I think this was 3 thick-ish coats, worth it though! 'Orchid' stamped nicely, which I am really happy about considering it cost me $4.50 (NZD). Which reminds me, for any kiwis that don't already know, we are finally able to get our mitts on Ulta3 polish! There are a few stockists in Auckland I think, though I got mine from Quay St Pharmacy (in the Countdown).


  1. I have cinderella and my only problem with it was that it's sheer. I do love the combo you did here, super cute!

    1. Thanks!! Yea it is pretty sheer, but I didn't really mind.. Maybe you could layer it over a pale blue or something? Maybe even white?


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