Sunday, December 9, 2012

Parfait Day - Lime Crime & Putting On The Ritzzz! - Dollish Polish

I have another Lime Crime for you today. I have to say, the more I wear these Lime Crime polishes, the more I am so pleased that I got the set of them. I love them so much. They are fast becoming some of my most favourite polishes. Today's Lime Crime is 'Parfait Day' with a bit of Dollish Polish 'Putting On The Ritzzz!' for good measure.

Parfait Day, Lime Crime, Putting on the Ritzzz!, Dollish Polish, swatch
This polish is so bright and as usual with the Lime Crime polishes that I've shown you, it is pastel, but also verging on neon. The thing I love about 'Parfait Day' is that there's actually a slightly dusty feel about the pink which is unusual when it's so close to leaning neon.

Parfait Day, Lime Crime, Putting on the Ritzzz!, Dollish Polish, swatch
This photo shows a bit more of the neon side of this cotton candy pink. I think 'Putting On The Ritzzz!' worked really well with 'Parfait Day'. I got so many comments on this combination while I was wearing it earlier in the week.

'Partfait Day' applied just like the other Lime Crime polishes that I've shown you, it dries satiny and very fast. Like them, it was also really beautifully opaque, requiring barely two coats for perfect coverage. 'Putting On The Ritzzz!' was a bit of a tricky little bugger to apply, but nothing that a good mix and a bit of patience won't help. The first coat I applied of 'Putting On The Ritzzz!' didn't give very good coverage, but as you can see, with two not very thick coats, the coverage is good in the end.

Lime Crime's are available from Harlow & Co. (and remember they have free shipping with orders over $50USD) and 'Putting On The Ritzzz!' can be purchased from Dolly's Big Cartel shop. (keep an eye on her shop updates to see what will be in the upcoming restocks and when they'll be happening).


  1. This is such a perfect pink! I regret not bringing it with me ;(

    1. Oh man!! I'm dreading having to choose what to take to Wellington!! How did you choose?!

    2. Well, my plan of attack was to grab a few colors here, rather than bring more polishes than I needed, so I bought 2 toppers (Holo top coat + a glitter), a neutral, and Hare Pegasus because I was so excited to try it...

      However I did my nails today and I definitely thought I could have made better choices. If I could change what I brought, I would bring 1 nude/neutral shade, 1 brighter/pastel color, 1 darker color (like OPI Ink or something) and 1 or 2 toppers that would look pretty good over all the other polishes I brought :)

    3. So organized and so strong to hardly take anything ;)


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