Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blogger - piCture polish

It's Wednesday and that mean it's piCture pOlish time. These weeks are flying by at quite an alarming rate, I feel like this year has barely started and it's May already!! Anyway, today I have a new piCture pOlish shade 'Blogger' that is a "colourful, sparkly ode to you all". I love that :) I have used blogger a couple of different ways...

Picture Polish, Blogger, swatch

Picture Polish, Blogger, swatch
For these photos, I used 'Blogger' over a few different colours, so you can get an idea of what it will look like. I used one coat of 'Blogger' (of varying thickness) over each finger with polish underneath. On my ring finger is 3 coats of blogger alone and as you can see, while there are still little gaps at the tip etc, this polish can be easily built up for a serious glitter bomb explosion! From pinky to index finger, I used Lime Crime 'Lavendairy', Ulta3 'Sea Breeze Swirl' and OPI 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. I love it over all three of these colours and I feel like each one brings out a different colour of glitter. I think it would look perfect over piCture pOlish 'Jade' or 'Honey Dew', I'm really going to have to remedy the fact that I don't have those polishes sooner rather than later!

Picture Polish, Blogger, swatch

Picture Polish, Blogger, swatch
I decided to try a little glitter gradient out as well with 'Blogger' and I kinda love how it came out. I used Lime Crime 'Milky Ways' as the base and then just brushed on a little 'Blogger' to get the gradient effect. When I look at this it just makes me think about celebrating. I don't know what particularly, but celebration none the less.

Blogger was really easy to work with and is packed with glitter, and when I say packed, I mean PACKED with glitter. Because of this, it's reasonably thick, but still really workable. For the ring finger in the top swatch photos, I did use a bit of a dabbing technique for the last coat to make sure most of the nail was filled in, but for the other fingers I just brushed the glitter on normally really. This is one happy polish and a perfect glitter bomb!

piCture pOlish is available from a whole bunch of places. Make sure you check out the piCture pOlish website, you can order this polish direct from them for $10 AUD or you can have a look at their list of distributors.

This product was provided for review. This is my personal, unbiased opinion.
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