Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Starry Night - piCture pOlish

It's Wednesday again and that means it's piCture pOlish time! It was hard to wait for Wednesday to roll around again to show you another of their beauties! Anyway, enough chit chat... This is another collaboration polish and this time the collaboration was with the wonderful Leah Ann from Llarowe. I'm sure you all know about the online shop that is Llarowe and if you're anything like me, you have probably spent more time and money there than you care to admit, trying to get your mitts on so many wonderful indies.

Starry Night, Picture Polish, Llarowe, swatch

Starry Night, Picture Polish, Llarowe, swatch
I love me a good dark polish and piCture pOlish have done it again, yet another polish I love. I am quite deathly pale with really dark hair and so I often shy away from black polish, but with the addition of the scattered holo effect and the jelly formula of the polish, I found 'Starry Night' really wearable.

Starry Night, Picture Polish, Llarowe, swatch
In brighter light, you can really see how packed full of holo particles 'Starry Night' is and the slightly sheer jelly allows this to really shine through.

Starry Night, Picture Polish, Llarowe, swatch
A close up of the piCture pOlish holo shard particles that I simply cannot get enough of. In fact, I made a bold statement the other day while staring at my nails, I decided that I could be happy if I wore only polishes with this finish for the rest of my life. Luckily, in reality, this would never happen, but if for some reason I had to choose a single type of polish to use for ever more, I would be quite happy if it was one like this.

Just like with 'Ocean' last week, 'Starry Night' had a sheer jelly formula. I used 4 coats, but only because of the close up photos. Three easy coats gave full opacity and, as usual, that's how I wore 'Starry Night' on my left hand. I did try putting a single coat over a coat of black and at the end of the day, there wasn't a huge amount of difference. I actually preferred 'Starry Night' on its own, because it has that look of depth with the particles showing through the layers of polish and just an overall softer look about it. 'Starry Night' was really easy to work with formula-wise.

piCture pOlish is available from a whole bunch of places. Make sure you check out the piCture pOlish website, you can order this polish direct from them for $12 AUD or you can have a look at their list of distributors.

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