Friday, October 25, 2013

Denim - piCture pOlish

Hi folks!

How are you all? I am about 1 week out from my last exams of my current degree! WOO. So that's why my posts are a bit further apart at the moment. Anywho, I have a gorgeous piCture pOlish shade today that you saw in my Blogfest mani a bit ago. This is 'Denim'...

Denim, Picture Polish, swatch, watermarble

Denim, Picture Polish, swatch, watermarble
'Denim' is the most gorgeous intense periwinkle blue. Anything remotely periwinkle, I must have, so I lusted after this baby for a fair while. I was so excited to get it as one of my Blogfest polishes! 'Denim' has heaps of shimmer and little irregular particles in it that catch the light and shine so beautifully giving an almost iridescent look. For my accent watermarble, I stayed in the piCture pOlish family. I used 'Cosmos', 'Monroe' and 'O'Hara'. I quite like how these colours complimented 'Denim' so well. It reminds me of the chromatography science experiments I used to do at primary school - you know separating the colours out of a dot with a felt-tip pen... No?... Ok...

'Denim' was pretty easy to work with. It is a little bit thick, but dries good and fast so no worries about pulling or anything like that. I used 3 coats for these photos, but I think you could get away with 2 (depending on how thick your coats are).

piCture pOlish is available from a whole bunch of places. Make sure you check out the piCture pOlish website, you can order this polish direct from them for $10 AUD or you can have a look at their list of distributors. You can also find piCture pOlish on instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest and YouTube.

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  1. Your water marble is gorgeous!

  2. I seriously think you watermarble better than any other blogger I follow, they are always STUNNING!

    1. Wow thanks so much Stacy!! I am blushing lol :D


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