Monday, October 28, 2013

Ther-marbling and Gradients with Polished by KPT


I have been wanting to play with my Polished by KPT thermals more for a bit and I have had this mani in my brain for ages and I finally got around to doing it. And... I freaking love it and don't want to take it off and now I just want ALL THE THERMALS!

Polished by KPT, Being in the Pink, Kelvin Bleu, water marble, gradient

Polished by KPT, Being in the Pink, Kelvin Bleu, water marble, gradient
'Being In The Pink' and 'Kelvin Bleu' are both so yummy and gorgeous and so fun and easy to work with. They were so easy to marble with and I'm pretty happy with the way this marble turned out. I love the way this mani looks in between hot (bottom picture) and cold (top picture) - as it is in the middle picture. I also love how the gradient isn't very obvious when cold and then everything becomes so obvious when it heats up.

For swatches of these polishes on their own, check out my posts here and herePolished By KPT polishes are available direct from Katherine's Big Cartel shop if you're in the USA. For us international people, check out this 'where to buy' tab.


  1. Never seen a marble with thermals, but this is so cool!!

  2. Anneke you're a genius! This is amazing!

  3. This is gorgeous! I LOVE the marble!

    1. Thank you!! I think I'm finally getting the hang of marbling properly :)


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