Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Encore Margot - a-england (& MoYou stamping)

Good evening! I have another a-england to show you tonight. This is another new beauty from the Ballerina Collection released recently - 'Encore Margot'.

Encore Margot, a-england, Ballerina Collection, swatch

Encore Margot, a-england, Ballerina Collection, swatch
This is a beautiful polish. It's a silver holo, yes, but it seems somehow more wearable than other silver polishes I own, somehow more delicate? It is quite a pure, white-ish silver, but it picks up all the beautiful colours in the holo effect.

encore Margot, Dancing With Nureyev, Her Rose Adagio, Camelot, a-england, MoYou 01 Artist
As with the other 2 polishes from this collection I have shown you ('Her Rose Adagio' and 'Dancing With Nureyev'), I did a little stamping on it. It is very hard to tell, but I used both the previously mentioned polishes to make a subtle saran wrap mani underneath the stamping. It was a little more obvious in real life, but mainly just gave just slight changes in hue to the base colour in little patches. For the stamp I used MoYou plate 01 from the Artist Collection and my trusty bottle of a-england 'Camelot'.

The formula of 'Encore Margot' was, as usual, easy peasy to work with. I barely needed a second coat for full opacity and this one didn't pull at all or anything like that. Fast drying too.

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  1. Your impeccable swatches are creating caverns of emptiness in my wallet!
    This is such a lovely color and I love the stamp you chose! :)

    1. Hahaha Stacy, my swatches apologize to your wallet! Thanks for your comment! It has made my day :D

  2. this looks really well together. the holo color is breathtaking *.*


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