Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stevie - Zoya

Hi hi!

How are we all? Keeping warm? I was very excited to see that Zoya nail polish can finally be purchased in store in New Zealand (in Kirkaldie & Stains in Wellington), trouble is at $26 a bottle, I lost some of that excitement and will probably purchase it overseas again. Anywho, I bought one because I have been itching to try the Zoya Pixie Dusts for a long time. I resisted the whole texture polish trend for a long time until I tried OPI 'Jinx' and loved it. In swatches, the Zoya's always looked the prettiest to me. So this is a quick snap of the one I bought, Zoya 'Stevie'.

Stevie, Pixie Dust, Zoya, swatch
I love this polish! I've mentioned on here that for whatever reason I don't tend to wear purple polish, but this is one of those exceptions where the texture and the gorgeous lilac shade scream to be on my nails. The silver shimmer in it is really lovely too, giving it that look of pixie dust having been scattered in your polish.

So all in all, texture has won my heart once more and unfortunately for my wallet, I NEED MORE! I have been lusting over 'Godiva' for a long time so I think that will be coming home next. What I especially love about this (and 'Jinx' that I tried earlier) is the ease of application. 2 coats was all that was needed for full opacity and my favourite part is that these polishes wear like iron!

So my question to you, lovely people… What are your must-have Pixie Dusts? Or any other textures for that matter?


  1. All the PixieDust polishes are just perfect. And this one is no exception! :D



  2. OMG!!! This is def a very pretty nail color. I super like the color for I find it classy and perfect for any occasion. Love it!


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