Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beatrix - Zoya

Hi all!

So I am clearly still working on this whole blogging and life thing. Bear with me, I will eventually learn how to juggle this. Anywho, let me show you what I am wearing. Yet another PixieDust - these are just too perfect when I'm busy because of the awesome wear time.

Zoya, Beatrix, Pixie Dust, swatch

Zoya, Beatrix, Pixie Dust, swatch
This is 'Beatrix' and ooooooo Mama she is a stunner. I have had so many comments on this polish since wearing it! The shade of orange of 'Beatrix' is not just a regular orange. It's a soft orange in some ways, but the gold glitters make it such a vivid eye-catcher (I am fully aware that I don't make a lot of sense). Love it!

'Beatrix' was ever so slightly less opaque than a lot of the PixieDusts I have tried in the past, but 2-3 coats was still enough for full opacity. As usual, 'Beatrix' was a breeze to apply and is wearing very well.

Thanks for popping by!


  1. This is a pretty orange and goldy colour - I do like the textured polishes :-)

    1. Gorgeous, isn't it! I thought I would hate textured polishes when they first appeared and I didn't try one for such a long time, but now they're some of my favourite polishes!

  2. You know I was so against the pixidusts before but now I'm totally in love!


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