Thursday, May 8, 2014

Zoya – London


Guess what… I have my graduation ceremony tomorrow! I'm so excited to get all dressed up and celebrate with my family and friends. The Boy graduated on Monday and I was so proud!

Anyway, I have another quick post on what I've been wearing for about the last week. This is Zoya 'London'.

London, Zoya, Pixie Dust, swatch

London, Zoya, Pixie Dust, swatch
More PixieDust love from me. What's new? So I'll keep it short. I love 'London' in all the ways. I love the shade of grey (hehe) of it. It reminds me of concrete - but with added sparkly goodness.

'London' was really easy to use, as with all the other Zoya PixieDusts I have tried so far. It was nicely opaque with only 2 coats needed for full opacity and to get a good texture.

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  1. Hope it goes well :-)

    I like the polish, textures are cool :-)


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