Sunday, September 28, 2014

Colors by Llarowe - Come Dance the Hora


I'm still alive and I'm about 5 weeks away from my thesis being due so unfortunately I'm going to be all over the place for a little longer. Anywho, I have a quick post of a polish that I adore from Colors by Llarowe - 'Come Dance the Hora'.

Come Dance the Hora, Colors by Llarowe, swatch

Come Dance the Hora, Colors by Llarowe, swatch
'Come Dance the Hora' is a silver linear holo polish with various sizes of royal blue hex glitters. It is GORGEOUS! There's nothing really subtle about this polish, but I think the blue glitters in there just off-set the silver holo perfectly.

This polish is really buildable on its own, but a few coats might be needed. I think I used 3 here and you can see that's enough.

Colors by Llarowe polishes are available from Llarowe (obviously), but it is also available on Harlow & Co. These babies sell out seriously fast though! Luckily Leah Ann does pre-orders reasonably often though. Keep an eye on Llarowe's Twitter andFacebook pages for details on restocks etc.


  1. This is a real stunner! It looks amazing. :-)

    Good luck with your thesis my fingers are crossed for you :-)

    1. It is isn't it?! And thank you! My fingers are desperately crossed too when they're not typing frantically :)


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