Saturday, September 13, 2014

Take A Chill Pill - Dollish Polish (with a splash of stamping and a gradient)


I have a quick post with some nails that I did a while ago now. I quite like how it came out though so I figured it's about time I posted it. This look is mainly featuring Dollish Polish 'Take A Chill Pill' from her 'That's So 80's' collection.

Dollish polish, Take a chill pill, swatch, bundle monster BM 422
'Take A Chill Pill' is a polish that I really like, but I'm slightly confused because looking back at pics from when this was released it was bright blue… As you can see my bottle has a very sheer blue-grey jelly base, packed full of all sorts of glitter. Strange - I will investigate further. Oh well, like I said, I love it.
On my ring finger I did a gradient using Color Club 'Wicked Sweet' and China Glaze 'Sun-Kissed' and then stamped on top using Bundle Monster plate BM-422 and Color Club 'Beyond'.

Unfortunately this polish is not currently available, but head on over to Dolly's Big Cartel shop because there is bound to be some other beauties that you'll want instead. Make sure you follow Dollish Polish on her various social media sites to keep up with updates (FacebookTwitter and Instagram).


  1. Aahhh!!! Mine has done exactly the same thing! When I originally ordered it, it turned up as that murky colour. I was happy with the replacement (although it was never the bright blue that I'd seen) but that also gradually turned murkier too! So I never used it! Although it actually looks pretty good on you. I may try layering it over a bright blue and see how that works out! Thanks for sharing this 😃

    1. Ooooo interesting. I didn't remember mine being so murky when I got it. I kinda like it like this too though :)

  2. Nice design and the glitter is pretty too :-)


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