Thursday, December 11, 2014

Takko Lacquer – Physical Graffiti

Press Sample


I have nearly grown out all my breaks! Fingers crossed I don't get any more now. Another update, I have busted my wrist, so typing is not super easy right now so I'll just get right on with the pics.

Takko lacquer, Physical graffiti, swatch

Takko lacquer, Physical graffiti, swatch
'Physical Graffiti' is a grey polish with irregular silver flakes of glitter. So simple, but the irregular glitter makes this polish really interesting. I love the soft look that the slight jelly finish gives 'Physical graffiti'.

Because 'Physical Graffiti' has a slight jelly finish, it is slightly less opaque – in saying that though, I only needed 3 coats to get full opacity and the glitters are still really visible. I think the formula is spot on in that respect.

Make sure you check out Sheryl's blog to find out about the inspiration behind her polishes, along with other updates. Also keep an eye on Takko Lacquer's twitter and instagram for info about restocks etc. Takko Lacquers are sold from their own shop, but only with US shipping. For us international ladies, Takko lacquers are stocked at LlaroweFemme Fatale and Mei Mei's Signatures.


  1. I love gray polish and that one is so pretty. Aaagh, your wrist! Take care, hope it heals quickly.

  2. Pretty polish. Hope your wrist is okay soon. *hugs*


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