Sunday, January 4, 2015

Takko Lacquer - Dark Paradise

Press Sample

Hi all!!

I hope everyone has had a lovely and safe Christmas and New Year! We are visiting my family in Wellington and it's so nice to be home. I haven't been able to paint my nails much lately as my wrist is still immobilised, but I let it out of my brace to take these pictures. Also please excuse the still slightly broken nails, it is taking me a while to get on top of it all. Anywho… this is the ridiculously gorgeous Llarowe-exclusive polish by Takko Lacquer'Dark Paradise'.

Takko Lacquer Dark Paradise, Llarowe, swatch
'Dark Paradise' has a beautiful deep, but very sheer, inky base and is packed full of multi chromatic flakie glitter. The flakes change from red to gold and blue to green, with all the shades in between. Pictured here is one coat over a-england 'Queen of Scots'. I actually wore this mani for New Years as it reminded me of fireworks.

Takko Lacquer Dark Paradise, Llarowe, swatch

Takko Lacquer Dark Paradise, Llarowe, swatch
In lower light, the more copper tones peek through the blackened blue base. In bright light and more extreme angles, this polish really comes alive – bright green and red glow from your nails. 'Dark Paradise' was stupidly difficult to capture (even after 100-odd photos) and so you will just have to take my word that you NEED this polish.

As I mentioned, this polish is jam-packed with flakes and so you can easily control how much you have on the nail. I think it would be relatively easy to build up. I didn't experience any dragging or anything, however one thing I noticed was that even after 2 coats of top coat, my nails were still slightly textured. I think a thicker top coat would be recommended.

Make sure you check out Sheryl's blog to find out about the inspiration behind her polishes, along with other updates. Also keep an eye on Takko Lacquer's twitter and instagram for info about restocks etc. Takko Lacquers are sold from their own shop, but only with US shipping. For us international ladies, Takko lacquers are stocked at LlaroweFemme Fatale and Mei Mei's Signatures.

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  1. Happy New Year :-D I spent Christmas and New Year with my hubby and our cats <3

    This is really gorgeous - totally love it :-D

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Sounds like a perfect Christmas and New Year to me! :)


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