Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kaleidoscope Eyes - Takko Lacquer

Hi folks!

I had originally planned to post Enchanted Polish 'Hey Jude', but I changed my mind. Instead I would love to show you a gorgeous polish by Sheryl, from Takko Lacquer. I just want to say first up, that Sheryl is just so lovely and add that to this amazing polish and I'm telling you, we have a winner! I can't wait to buy more of her polishes (in fact there's already some more on the way)! On to the polish... this is 'Kaleidoscope Eyes'...

Kaleidoscope Eyes, Takko Lacquer, swatch
'Kaleidoscope Eyes' is essentially a blue to purple duochrome polish, but it's so much more than just that. Other than the fact that it's also holographic, I get a grey shift too. In fact when I removed this polish, it looked really grey on the pad. The main colour you can see in most light is this gorgeous teal-y, aqua colour.

Kaleidoscope Eyes, Takko Lacquer, swatch
You can see here the aqua to grey shift I was talking about. I love this side of this polish. I think it's so ethereal. It's certainly the softer side of 'Kaleidoscope Eyes'.

Kaleidoscope Eyes, Takko Lacquer, swatch
Next up purple. This is the first of the purples 'Kaleidoscope Eyes' shifts to. A softened lavender colour, again with that veil of grey just shading the sides of my nails. Did I mention that I love this polish?

Kaleidoscope Eyes, Takko Lacquer, swatch
This is where 'Kaleidoscope Eyes' comes alive. The shift here is more toward a brighter pinky purple, almost fuschia leaning. Still you see that grey, only this time it's looking a little more charcoal.

Kaleidoscope Eyes, Takko Lacquer, swatch
Last up, you can see the darker blue to purple shift. Love love love love love.

I am on such a multichrome kick at the moment (queue 'Hey Jude' post next). I just stare at my nails constantly when I wear them. Add holo to the mix and I am a goner! 'Kaleidoscope Eyes' was everything I hoped for and more after seeing the first swatches of it by Rie over on Nails & Noms. I used 2 care-free coats for full opacity in these photos. 'Kaleidoscope Eyes' was a little on the thick side, but not in a bad way at all. More in the way that it glides on like butter. My bottle leaked ever so slightly on it's long journey to NZ, but not much (just into the lid), but that just means I'm not sure if it may have thickened up a little.

Takko Lacquer is available on Etsy. The polishes are $15USD. They are slightly pricey, but if they're all like 'Kaleidoscope Eyes', they're worth every penny. International Shipping starts at $8USD, but if it costs Sheryl $2 or more less than that, Sheryl will refund you the difference (as was the case when I ordered this polish). Takko Lacquers are all made using cruelty-free, natural pigments and minerals (the holo isn't Spectraflair) and they are also 3-free.

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