Saturday, September 22, 2012

Water Marble take 2...


I know I've been slightly AWOL of late, but today's my birthday so I'm hoping you can forgive me.
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will have seen this mani in the making a few weeks ago. When I went to visit my family in Wellington, we decided to have an evening of roast dinner and water marbling. One of my other polish crazed friends came over too and it was lots of fun. I decided that due to the terrible weather in NZ at the time, I needed some neon happiness to pretend it was summer already. Like I said, the weather was pretty average, so my photos are under a very overcast sky, hence the ghostly skin ;)

Water Marbling nails, China Glaze Summer Neons - Splish Splash, I'm With The Lifeguard, Surfin'For Boys, Sun-Kissed
I used four of the recent China Glaze Summer Neons - 'Splish Splash', 'I'm With The Lifeguard', 'Sun-kissed' and 'Surfin' For Boys'. I love how they mixed to give orange, teal and purple as well!
In the process of making of this mani, anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Needless to say, it was a fantastic learning experience. For the longest time, the polish just wouldn't spread on the water. We changed the temperature of the water multiple times to no avail. After much mumbling and grumbling, The Boy realised that the polish itself was super cold. So everyone set to work heating up the polish and everything went according to plan after that :)

Water Marbling nails, China Glaze Summer Neons - Splish Splash, I'm With The Lifeguard, Surfin'For Boys, Sun-Kissed
I'm also slowly learning how to avoid bubbles, but I did get a few little ones. There was a bubble on my ring finger that popped as I pulled my finger out of the water and as it popped, it released a whole lot of polish on to the surface, so I got a little ghosty smear on that one. Generally speaking though, from any regular distance, these looked pretty cool. I got a fair number of comments when we went shopping the next day :)

These were the designs on my ring and pinkie fingers on my left hand. They were actually my favourites so I thought I'd show you them too.

In the end, I think this water marbling attempt was a success. I had lots of fun doing this and I'm hoping that each time I try to water marble, I will learn a bit more. I can't wait until I have time to try marbling again :)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    The mani is gorgeous!

  2. Just thought I'd pop by to say hi and happy birthday!
    These colours look very 60s? (or was it 70s? lol)
    Kimberley :D

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yea they are kind of "psychedelic" haha :)

  3. Nice. So what do you do to help with the bubbles? I use a matching base coat so it is not so apparent and or I top coat immediately so it will spread. But even with a few blemishes water Marble always rocks. I really like these colors.

    1. Thank you!! I found the angle and speed I put my finger in and out of the really helps. I still haven't got it down but if I can remember correctly 45 degree angle and slowly was best. Luckily water marbles are really forgiving from a distance :)


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