Friday, July 5, 2013

As You Wish - Dollish Polish & a Bit of a Skittlette

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How are you all? Yesterday I received the polishes I ordered from the new Dollish Polish collection based on The Princess Bride. I had to get some of them because of the inspiration alone. What a classic movie. In fact, I watched it again last night. Naturally, the first polish I had to try was 'As You Wish', but as soon as I saw them, I knew that it would need to be paired up with 'Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya' (does everyone else say the end of that quote every time they see the name of that polish?). I did a bit of a skittlette with 'As You Wish'. If you don't know what a skittlette mani is, make sure you hop over to ChitChatNails. The wonderful Marta, one of my favourite bloggers, coined the term and her skittlettes are always so beautiful.

Skittlette, As You Wish, Hello my name is inigo montoya, Dollish Polish, LeaLaC XL-b
This is my first skittlette attempt and I'm digging how it turned out, albeit slightly Australian feeling. I love, love, love the look of 'Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya' over top of 'As You Wish'. It's just one coat and it gives such a beautiful olive colour. For the stamp, I used a-england 'Saint George' and the LeaLaC XL-B plate. On my index and pinky fingers I have a couple of glequins from Born Pretty Store.

As You Wish, Dollish Polish, The Princess Bride, swatch

As You Wish, Dollish Polish, The Princess Bride, swatch
I love 'As You Wish'. Surprised? Nope, not a bit. It's a gorgeous olive leaning gold holo. I find it difficult to wear gold often, but 'As You Wish' is a really soft gold and very wearable. The olive undertones also help with the wearability in my opinion.

'As You Wish' is a little bit sheer, but over all really easy to work with. Shown is 3 coats and in the photos you can see a wee bit of VNL, but it's perfectly fine in real life for me. I didn't use any special base coat for this polish either, just my usual Duri 'Rejuvacote' and Cult Nails 'Get It On' combination (these are my absolute holy grail strengthener and base coat by the way). The photos of 'As You Wish' alone are without top coat.

'As You Wish' and 'Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya' are available from Dollish Polish (at least they are available at this very moment). The LeaLaC XL-B plate is available from Llarowe and 'Saint George' is available from a bunch of places (check out the 'Where To Buy' tab on the a-england website).

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