Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love Is Enough - a-england

I have another new a-england to show you today. This is the latest addition to the Heavenly Quotes Collection 'Love Is Enough'.

Love Is Enough, a-england, swatch

Love Is Enough, a-england, swatch
'Love Is Enough' is one seriously complex polish! At first glance it is a moody olive green-ish polish, look closer and you see all sorts of colours in there. The overall effect is that this polish really lights up with the predominantly golden shimmer/micro-glitter. My favourite part is the tiny pink/purple micro-glitter that catches my eye all the time. So interesting and really quite beautiful. In some lights the olive looking base appears to have a slate/grey tone to it (like in the top photo).

'Love Is Enough' was really easy to work with and I used 2 coats in these photos to give perfect coverage. The nature of the micro-glitter means that it can be a bit tricky to clean up, but not a biggie, just be careful when applying is all. Although it is packed with sparkly goodness, I used 1 coat of a thin top coat and it was lovely and smooth.

Currently, 'Love Is Enough' is not yet on the a-england website, but pop over there and look at the list of distributors worldwide to find a source near you. Just a reminder that if you are outside the UK, unfortunately yo ucannot order direct from a-england anymore due to regulations of Royal Mail (there are a heap of distributors though).

This product was provided for review. This is my personal, unbiased opinion.
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  1. That is gorgeous. I was sitting here and had a bottle of Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure in Shoot The Moon, it's sitting on my desk because I just put it on yesterday and it occurred to me how close they look in color. I think that yours has that slight shift of olive green in it, but it sure looks similar. If you happen to have that Sally Hansen could you do a comparison as it's hard to tell from a screenshot? I love a-england's colors, but I have yet to try any.

    1. Hi! I don't have many Sally Hansens at all sorry. I was just looking at pictures though and it looks much more silver. This has a definite olive cast with gold shimmer. Sorry I couldn't help you out more than that.


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