Monday, July 1, 2013

Looking For My Mr. Big - Dollish Polish - and... Goodbye Google Reader

Hi everyone!

Long time no see. But, I'm back baby! I have missed painting my nails so much, but I have had a gel mani on for the last 2 weeks from that hand modelling gig I did a couple of weeks back. Let's just say, I will never complain about removing glitter ever again! It took me 3.5 hours to get those freaking things off last night. The girls showed me how to do it and in principle it was simple, in practice... not so much. My cuticles have been thoroughly bathed in acetone and I think I'm lucky they haven't revolted and gone AWOL completely! Anyway, I have finally painted my nails and they are slowly heading back to my square shape and I'll be getting back to a regular posting schedule.

Next thing is, and I'm sure you've read this on about a gajillion blogs, Google Reader is disappearing, today. Best place to follow me is probably Bloglovin' (there's a button on the right that takes you there), or Twitter (@PinpointPolish). You can also follow on Instagram (@pinpointpolish). If you hop over to Bloglovin', there's an option to import blogs from Google Reader, that way you can keep following all your favourite blogs :)

On to the polish... I have a polish on today that I've had for a while and worn a few times, but never gotten good pictures of. This is Dollish Polish 'Looking For My Mr. Big'...

I love 'Looking For My Mr. Big'. As you all probably know by now, I am a huge holo lover. This polish also has some electric blue shimmer added in there that catches the light so beautifully against the soft pinky lilac.

'Looking For My Mr. Big' has a linear holo finish, but the type that is slightly scattered. It is certainly not hidden, but it's not one of those really strong linear holos. In less direct light it appears more scattered. So pretty!

Formula wise, 'Looking For My Mr. Big' is really quite sheer. That absolutely doesn't bother me because it's nice and thin so building coats up doesn't mean you feel like your nails are an inch thick. I used 5 thin coats, but you could certainly layer this over something if you weren't keen on that. The dry time was fast though, so the extra coats weren't a problem. The only small problem is that I had a little bit of pigment that wasn't mixed in. Not a biggy, but again something that might be a problem for some people.

Unfortunately, I think this is one polish that Dolly had to discontinue a while back. But there are plenty of other lovely Dollish Polish creations to get your mitts on (or get on your mitts). I am looking forward to my picks from the Princess Bride collection that I ordered arriving :) Dollish Polish is available from Dolly's Big Cartel shop and also from Llarowe.

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