Saturday, September 14, 2013

Being In The Pink - Polished by KPT

Hi hi!

How are we? It is 3am and I am watching Friends after work. Life is good right at this moment :) Anyways, I have another Polished by KPT thermal to show you today. I knew I'd love this one, but I didn't think I'd love it as much as 'Kelvin Bleu'. Turns out I love it more. This is one magical polish. Here is 'Being In The Pink'.

Being in the pink, Polished by KPT

Being in the pink, Polished by KPT
Here is the way that 'Being In The Pink' often looks on my nails and this is why I love, love, love this polish. It changes so readily and so fast that I have most often got various gradients happening. Amazing!

Being in the pink, Polished by KPT

Being in the pink, Polished by KPT
These photos show 'Being In The Pink' at its extremes. The top of these two photos shows it cold and the bottom photo is hot. The purple is so beautiful and rich, the pink is so vibrant and what makes this all that much more spectacular is that it's holo. I don't think anyone needs reminding of how much I need ALL THE HOLOs!

Formula was brilliant. Really easy to apply, not too thin or thick. I only needed 2 coats on my left hand and I left it at 2 coats when I wore this previously, but for these photos I used 3 coats. A coat of top coat really brought out the holo particles.

Polished By KPT polishes are available direct from Katherine's Big Cartel shop if you're in the USA. For those international people, check out this 'where to buy' tab.

Most of all, thanks so much to Mimi for helping me get my mitts on these polishes :D


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