Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pucker Up - Takko Lacquer

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Another late night post from me. It has been a LONG day! I had 3 tests today at uni then had to write up a big report tonight. So to make me feel better, I figured, why not post this now instead of in the morning. So tonight, I have another beautiful Takko Lacquer to share with you. This is 'Pucker Up'.

Pucker Up, Takko Lacquer, swatch

Pucker Up, Takko Lacquer, swatch
'Pucker Up' is quite a unique colour to my collection. I don't have any apricot-y corals or oranges quite like it, I don't think. It is bright, but not as saturated as some apricot toned polishes can be, which I think makes it all the more wearable, but it's still bright enough to be eye-catching and gorgeous.

Pucker Up, Takko Lacquer, swatch
The shimmer in 'Pucker Up' is really gorgeous too. I think amazing shimmer is certainly a theme in all of Sheryl's polishes. This polish has heaps of irregular microshards of pink and gold and they catch the light so beautifully. They go so perfectly with the base colour of 'Pucker Up'. The shimmer effect is not too in-your-face, but it is far from shy.

'Pucker Up' had a good formula. Again, not too thick, not too thin. I used 2 thick-ish coats for this. If you use thinner coats, I would probably recommend 3 coats. It is fast drying though and doesn't have any issues with pulling or anything like that so I could get away with slightly thicker coats.

Make sure you check out Sheryl's blog to find out about the inspiration behind her polishes, along with other updates. Also keep an eye on Takko Lacquer's twitter for info about restocks. Takko Lacquers are sold from their own shop, but only with US shipping. For us international ladies, Takko lacquers are stocked at LlaroweMei Mei's Signatures and Edgy Polish.

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