Monday, March 12, 2012

Comparisons - Pale Pinks

My Mum is here to visit! Yay! And a good part of her visit (among many other things)... she brought her little nail polish collection with her. So I've taken the opportunity to swatch a bunch of her polishes and do some comparisons. Today I've got pale pinks...

Left to right, a-england 'Iseult', OPI ' Mod About You', OPI 'Steady As She Rose', OPI 'Pedal Faster Suzi'. As you can see these colours aren't dupes at all.

Same order as above. All polishes are shown with three coats and no top coat...
'Iseult' - Very sheer. As you can see with three coats it's still not completely opaque. It's such a beautifully clean nude pink colour with a gorgeously subtle shimmer.
'Mod About You' - crème and a much whiter pink than the other polishes. I've said it before, the application on this one is not so good. I have full photos of this polish here.
'Steady As She Rose' - The most similar to 'Iseult'. The same nudey pink colour, but this one's a crème and has that slightly dirty finish that the Pirates Of The Caribbean collection seem to have. It can even appear slightly lilac in some light.
'Pedal Faster Suzi' - clearly very different to the others. The pink of this polish is much warmer and the shimmer is much more pronounced than in 'Iseult'. This polish is absolutely lovely!

As I said earlier, no dupes here, but I think it's always nice to see how polishes actually compare on the nail. I will be doing a few more of these while I can get my hands on all of Mum's polishes.


  1. I need Pedal Faster Suzi in my life!!! Such a pretty pink!

    1. It's so pretty isn't it! I am yet to wear it as a full mani but I think you've inspired me to do that soon! It's so girly :)


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