Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Or Divin - Dior

Ahhh my first Dior polish... So I've been wanting to try a Dior polish for some time now and the opportunity arose in the form of the Smith and Caughey sale! I have been lusting after the Holiday 2011 collection that Dior released late last year. I don't really own or wear a lot of gold polish as I am really pale and I find it difficult to find golds that don't make it look I'm ready for a fancy dress party, but I figured why not give this soft gold by Dior a go. This is 'Or Divin'...

Or Divin, Dior, swatch
In direct light, 'Or Divin' is a beautiful pale champagne gold. It's so soft and very wearable. As you can see, the shimmer can lead to visible brush strokes, so care needs to be taken with application.

Or Divin, Dior, swatch
In shaded light, 'Or Divin' becomes a lot golder and more yellow. The good part is that it doesn't ever get too yellow-gold for my liking. I love how this polish has a real elegant feel about it.

The macro shot of 'Or Divin' shows you how beautifully fine and tightly packed the shimmer is.

Right first things first... The brush on this polish is one of the most ridiculous brushes I have ever used. It was paddle-shaped and really big and thick. It held so much polish that I spent more time wiping the brush than I did actually painting my nails. Now to the formula... it was really sheer, this is 3 coats and you can still see a visible nail line. I didn't really have an issue with the finishing opacity of this polish though, as the shimmer reflected the light enough to not notice too much nail line. 'Or Divin' spread really nicely on the nail, it was just the right thickness. Overall I like this polish a lot and I've had a little play with layering this polish and it works really nicely. Once I find a good match I'll be sure to pop it up here for you to see :)

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