Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Per Suede Me - Nicole By OPI

I have another one of Mum's polishes to show you all today. Another slightly less heard of polish from Nicole by OPI. This is 'Per Suede Me'.

Per Suede Me, Nicole By OPI, swatch
'Per Suede Me' is a metallic grey/purple polish. It's a real chameleon! The colour ranges from looking quite silvery through a dark grey to purple. I didn't think I'd like this one as much as I do.

Per Suede Me, Nicole By OPI, swatch
In bright sunlight, 'Per Suede Me' gives off a silvery/grey metallic look. It's still dark enough that it's very wearable though.

Per Suede Me, Nicole By OPI, swatch
Yes, this is the same polish! This is 'Per Suede me' indoors in indirect sunlight. Everything becomes deeper and darker and gives a real purple look to the grey. The cooler tones really become the focus. This is how I like 'Per Suede Me' best.

Per Suede Me, Nicole By OPI, swatch
In this close-up, you can see just how densely packed the tiny little sparkly particles are. There seems to be a whole rainbow in there! Isn't it amazing?

This was such a pleasant surprise for me. I'm not a huge lover of metallic looking polishes generally, but if I found more like 'Per Suede Me', I may well just change my mind! I was also pleasantly surprised by the application of this beauty. I thought brush strokes might be an issue, but that wasn't really the case at all. I did 3 coats and I think it needed it, as with 2 coats you could see just the smallest sign of VNL. Plus the third coat gave this polish a bit more depth and it all came alive that little bit more with that little extra opacity.


  1. I would love to see this with a matte top coat on it.

    1. Oooh you're right. It's my Mum's polish but I may be able to borrow it when she comes to visit me in a month or so :)


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