Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fast Track - China Glaze

I've got for you all today a beauty that I know has been on pretty much every blog already, but I figure the hype has settled a bit now, so I may as well throw my piece in too. This is China Glaze's 'Fast Track' from The Hunger Games 'Capitol Colors' released just recently.

Fast Track, China Glaze, Hunger Games - Capitol Colors, swatch
From the very first moment I saw the previews of this collection on all the blogs, this was by far the colour that I was most excited about (weird I know). I love neutral shades and the gold in this just made my heart skip a beat every time it popped onto my screen! When this beauty arrived at my door, it was even better in real life! I LOVE this polish!!!

Fast Track, China Glaze, Hunger Games - Capitol Colors, swatch
'Fast Track' reminds me of those suede couches where if you brush the fabric one way it changes colour. I used to love visiting people with these couches and making all sorts of pretty patterns! The simple things in life ay?! Anyway 'Fast Track' is a gorgeous soft beige colour with that kind of glitter/flake/glass fleck that I love!

Fast Track, China Glaze, Hunger Games - Capitol Colors, swatch
In lower indoor ambient light, the polish deepens slightly and somehow the gold becomes more apparent! Now this polish reminds me of cashmere. 'Fast Track' represents District 6 (transportation), but it makes me think of District 8 (textiles) lots! Best thing about this polish... the gold never becomes lost!

Fast Track, China Glaze, Hunger Games - Capitol Colors, swatch
I love this type of finish but I just don't know how to describe it! And I also love that 'Fast Track' is jam-packed with these little glass flecks/flakes/glitters.

The formula on this polish was also perfect! I used two coats on my left hand and it was opaque to the naked eye, but I did a third coat on my right hand for photo purposes as the macro settings on my camera love to make polish look like it's less opaque! Overall we have a major winner! I used a-england's 'The Knight' as my base coat and Essie 'Good To Go' on top.

Kiwi's, this polish is available on Candy Girl for $14.95.


  1. Ok, you've convinced me that I need this one! I thought I would be satisfied with having Essence Irreplaceable but no.. I NEED THIS!

    1. Yay! And it's true, you do NEED THIS! :) I love these kinds of colours so much! Essence Irreplaceable is gorgeous too! I don't know where to get Essence polishes from though..


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