Friday, June 22, 2012

Sea Creature - The Hungry Asian - & School Of Hard Rocks - Essie

I have never been so excited about a glitter in all my life. As I put 'Sea Creature' on, I was all "ooohhh aaahhh"... Let me attempt to show you why...

But first I'll just quickly show you what was underneath this amazing glitter. I used Essie 'School Of Hard Rocks' as my base colour for this mani.

School Of Hard Rocks, Essie swatch
'School Of Hard Rocks' is a dusty looking dark teal colour. Really pretty actually. I love how the colour is somewhat greyed out and a bit muted.

School Of Hard Rocks, Essie swatch
These photos show 'School Of Hard Rocks' without top coat and you can see that it's gorgeously shiny.  The colour reminds me a lot of raw greenstone.

Sea Creature, The Hungry Asian, School Of Hard Rocks, Essie, swatch
This is 'Sea Creature' from The Hungry Asian. I actually got this a little bit ago. I originally set out to get 'Sneeze Breeze' (which I did also get :) ) and I saw this and just chucked it in my cart thinking the bottle shot looked quite nice. Well thank goodness I did! Like I said at the top of this post, I've never been so in love with a glitter.

Sea Creature, The Hungry Asian, School Of Hard Rocks, Essie, swatch
'Sea Creature' is made up of little black matte hexes, tiny green glitter, slightly larger pinky-purple hexes and larger blue hexes. It's my absolute favourite mix of glitters of all the glitters I own.

Sea Creature, The Hungry Asian, School Of Hard Rocks, Essie, swatch
I love the pink bits of glitter. They're a really surprising addition to this polish to me, but they just catch your eye perfectly and really give this mix of glitters that little extra je ne sais quoi.

Sea Creature, The Hungry Asian, School Of Hard Rocks, Essie, swatch
Here's the macro. Isn't 'Sea Creature' brilliant?!

To the formulas... 'School Of Hard Rocks' was a simple two coater. The only little niggle I have with this polish is that it was really thin, the type of watery polish that wants to pool in your cuticles, so a bit of careful and patient application is needed. As for 'Sea Creature'... So easy to apply. The glitter stayed exactly where it was put and was so simple to get a nice even spread. I used 2 thin coats of 'Sea Creature' and I think it's great that thinner coats can be used so that you are in full control of how much glitter you end up with on your nails. It was a pretty hungry fella though, so you are seeing 3 coats of Cult Nails 'Wicked Fast' on top. 'Wicked Fast' is a really awesome but fairly thin top coat, so if you use something like Seche Vite, you shouldn't need so many coats at all to get it smooth.

'School Of Hard Rocks' can be purchased from anywhere that sells Essie's (Kiwi's - quite a few pharmacies, Smith & Caughey and Candy Girl (which is by far the cheapest)), and 'Sea Creature' can be purchased from The Hungry Asian Etsy store for $9.25 USD (apparently $12 NZD according to Etsy) and I have just checked and I think 'Sea Creature' is in stock right now! Check out her other beauties too :)


  1. These look great together! I've never seen Sea Creature before, I can see why you got it. It's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I'm not usually an impulsive buyer so it's super lucky that I even got it! I'm glad though :)


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