Saturday, April 20, 2013

Attitude - Picture Polish

I've got another glorious piCture pOlish polish to show you tonight. piCture pOlish collaborated with Kim from Overall Beauty for this polish. This is 'Attitude'...

Attitude, Picture Polish, swatch

Attitude, Picture Polish, swatch
Love love love this polish. I have a weird thing where I love the thought of this sort of royal purple polish and I love them always in the bottle, but I always like them less on my fingers. No idea why. Well this did not happen with 'Attitude', it's the perfect shade of royal purple in my opinion and looks so gorgeous on. Also check out the holo colours on my index finger in this bottom picture!

Attitude, Picture Polish, swatch
This picture was taken in lower light and I've just popped it in to show you the moodier side of 'Attitude'. Did I mention love love LOVE!

On to the formula. It was actually really nice. I used 2 normal to thick coats for most fingers but I used thinner coats without noticing for a couple of fingers. This was fine to my eye but when I put light on my fingers and looked through my camera it was noticeable that the coats were thinner so I popped a third thin coat on those fingers. For normal wear, 2 coats will be absolutely fine :)

piCture pOlish is available from lots of places. You can get them from the piCture pOlish website, though shipping can be a bit pricey, but have a look there anyway because there's a list of places that sell them that might be closer to where you live.


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    1. It really is!! It's even better in real life. Such pretty holo through it!


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