Monday, April 1, 2013

Stand By Your Manny - Nicole by OPI

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter break. I have to say the long weekend is super needed for study reasons etc. Today I have a polish that my most wonderful polish fairy Mimi (from Makeup Withdrawal) helped me to get. This is Nicole by OPI's 'Stand By Your Manny' from the Modern Family Collection...

Stand By Your Manny, Nicole by OPI, Modern Family collection, swatch

Stand By Your Manny, Nicole by OPI, Modern Family collection, swatch
I AM IN LOVE!! I am at my polish happiest when I have periwinkle polish in (on) my hands. This is no exception. It's so wearable and so pretty. I love that it's seems like a sort of pastel-leaning blue, but it's actually quite bright. So eye-catching. The silver shimmer is gorgeous in it too. It just adds that bit of extra dimension to the polish.

'Stand By Your Manny' was ever so slightly sheer but nothing too difficult to work with. I used 3 coats for full opacity.

Thanks so much Mimi for helping get my mits on this beauty!! You are amazing!


  1. This is a really beautiful dusty blue color. It is very full of shimmer. It looks like a favored pair of old denim jeans. How they fade out to a light blue, like this one? So pretty.

    1. Aw I know what you mean!! It really is such a pretty polish <3

  2. This color is absolutely lovely! I am going to have to add this one to my stash! I am loving the shimmer in it. :)


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