Monday, May 28, 2012

Master Chief - Dollish Polish

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and realised that I never posted this onto my blog yesterday! Oh dear! Study brain is in full swing. Well never mind, here it is now...

Today I have an absolutely gorgeous polish from indie brand Dollish Polish. I have always lusted after Dolly's beauties and just happened to check Twitter soon after she'd opened her shop one day and thought I'd see what was left. Needless to say 99% of the shop was sold out (as I came along around 30 mins after it had opened), but there was one or two things left. I managed to snaffle some mini bottles of this and that and then I saw a full-sized 'Master Chief' (part of the Gamer Series). I had never seen swatches of this or anything but I thought green = good, holo = GOOD so what could go wrong? Oh boy am I glad I got it!

Master Chief, Dollish Polish Gamer Series
'Master Chief' is an amazing muted apple green with a scattered holo effect. You can see in this photo that there's a sort of gold duochrome going on too.

Master Chief, Dollish Polish Gamer Series
The holo is so pretty and the blue hues of the holo shine through beautifully against the green.

Master Chief, Dollish Polish Gamer Series
I think this is taken in cloudy sun (does that make any sense?). The scattered holo is so pretty! You can see a tiny bit of VNL in this photo, but it wasn't really visible at all in real life.

Master Chief, Dollish Polish Gamer Series
In certain light (eg lower light like this photo), you get this awesome coppery flash. It was so hard to capture, but was actually quite noticeable in real life. You can just see a tiny bit of it happening on my pinkie finger.

Master Chief, Dollish Polish Gamer Series
Just one last pretty photo. Got a bit of the gold and copper flash mixed in here. MMMMhmmm I love this polish!

This polish was a little bit sheer to start with but it builds quite nicely. This is just three thin coats and like I said earlier, you can still see a little bit of VNL in some of the photos but that wasn't a problem in real life. 'Master Chief' was perfectly thin and spread really easily without any pulling or pooling at my cuticles.

Dollish Polish is available from here, most things are out of stock right now but I just checked and at least some of the polishes from her newest collection 'Dolly Does Polish' are available.

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