Thursday, May 24, 2012

Princess Tears - a-england

I am just gonna cut straight to the chase today because I cannot wait another second to show you this beauty! Never mind my line of things to be posted, this had to be shown right away. This is 'Princess Tears' from a-england's 'The Legend' collection.

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
Each time I put on one of Adina's a-england beauties, I think to myself, it cannot be possible that there is a polish more beautiful, that I could possibly love more (think Bridal Veil)... Well, it turns out there is... 'Princess Tears' is the most jaw-droppingly beautiful polish and, right now, more loved by me than much else I can think of...

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
Let's start with the holo. It has a gorgeous subtle linear holo effect. I just want to be clear that when I say "subtle linear", I don't mean that it isn't obvious, because it really is in most light.

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatchPrincess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
Add to that a duochrome effect and we have a winner! The duochrome was really hard to capture but it too is really quite obvious in real life. It shifts from a gorgeous pinky-lilac to a steely purple-grey. 

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
Here you can see a tiny bit of how the duochrome effect plays in full light, with each nail appearing slightly different. At times, the edges of the grey even appears ever so slightly green.

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
In slightly lower light, a lavender/silver veil is cast over this princess, softening her ever so slightly.

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
But by far my most favourite part of 'Princess Tears' is this surprisingly bright pink/purple flash that lights up my nails. I didn't expect this to be so vibrant and on top of that, it's not at all shy and jumps out in all lights in real life. The one thing is, that I could not for the life of me capture its true splendour. It's just one of those things that you will have to take my word for, or preferably see for yourself!

Another glimpse at the flashes of pink. It forms stripes of colour down my nails and I keep imagining that this is the streak of the princesses tears.

Princess Tears - The Legend, a-england, swatch
A quick macro and you can see that 'Princess Tears' is jam-packed with those holo particles that I love so much.

First up, I have to give a word of warning... 'Princess Tears' is super distracting and that's pretty dangerous in the last few lectures before exams. It also doesn't bode well for me focusing on studying for said exams. 

As to the formula... Once again, Adina has made a perfect colour all the more perfect by giving it a foolproof formula. I had read that this was a 3 coater and I was all prepared to do that, but no, 'Princess Tears' surprises me once more with only needing two oh-so-simple coats. I used 'The Knight' base coat and 'The Shield' on top and had zero issues with dragging or any other holo related problems one might imagine.

So the message for today... Actually there's two... If you have this pretty, don't take as long as I did to try it (in my defense, I was waiting for the perfect weather to capture all its glory) and secondly if you don't have this pretty... Get your butt over to a-england's website and order it because it's only £9 and the ever-generous Adina still has free worldwide shipping! Well, what are you waiting for?

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