Monday, May 21, 2012

No Room For The Blues - OPI

Today... 'No Room For The Blues' from OPI's Bright's collection, aka the polish that made me fall back in love with crèmes all over again.
I have always loved crème polish in a big way and I've generally not been a fan of glitters. But recently I have not been able to get enough of glitters and shimmers and all things shiny that my poor crèmes have been all but forgotten. Well this polish made me remember exactly why I love crèmes... Look...

No Room for the Blues, OPI, swatch
This is the most wonderfully happy blue that I own. Such a summery colour that reminds me of a sparkling swimming pool. This is taken under artificial light because I put it on at stupid o'clock at night.

No Room for the Blues, OPI, swatch
This photo was taken the next day under indirect sun. I love how pure crèmes are, there's no extra distractions in 'No Room For The Blues' and let's face it, it doesn't need any!

What can I add to this... How bout the fact that 'No Room For The Blues' formula also reminded me just how much I love crèmes. The buttery polish to rule all buttery polishes in the best possible way. It's spread itself onto my nails in 2 perfect coats. The first coat was basically opaque so the second coat just made everything so glossy and perfect. So I guess the message is... I'm so sorry I ever forgot you my crèmes and I look forward to seeing you again soon :)

And just in case you other kiwis feel that you need to have this happiness in your life... Hop on over to Candy Girl or maybe pop into Farmers or your local pharmacy or where ever else you buy your OPI's!

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