Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aquadelic - China Glaze

First things first! I'm so excited! I have recently ordered my first indie polishes! I feel like a kid in a candy store right now. Trouble is I have just let myself in to this dangerously addictive side of the polish world (yes even more addictive than regular nail polish) and now I don't think there's any turning back! Anyway hopefully soon-ish you'll see some Dollish Polish and some Lac Attack polishes featuring on here.

For now though, I have a fabulous polish that my Mum surprised me with when she last visited in March... 'Aquadelic' is from China Glaze's recent 'Electropop' collection. This is such a happy summery polish! I got a fair number of compliments on it too which is always a good sign.

Aquadelic, China Glaze Electropop, swatch
'Aquadelic' is a bright blue/green polish. I have had real difficulty putting my finger on what colour this is... When I was wearing it, all I could think of was Tiffany Blue and I think that's a pretty reasonable description of 'Aquadelic'.

Aquadelic, China Glaze Electropop, swatch
At first when I put this polish on and I saw my fingers become ever so slightly lobster-hued, I thought perhaps I didn't really suit 'Aquadelic', but the longer I wore it, the more I loved it and I ended up not wanting to take it off! This photo was taken in full direct sunlight and you can see how my fingers have turned a lovely shade of red.

Aquadelic, China Glaze Electropop, swatch
In indirect light, the red-look of my fingers became entirely un-noticeable and the love of 'Aquadelic' could properly begin. In lower light like this, the green becomes a little more apparent.

Formula... 'Aquadelic' was a little bit tricky in the formula department. The polish spread super easily, but maybe too easily. It tended to pool around the cuticles and would pool a lot on the brush. You can see that the polish is slightly thicker than I like it on the nails, but overall it wasn't too much of a drama. The photos all show 2 coats of 'Aquadelic' on top of Orly 'Bonder' with Essie 'Good To Go' on top (which I think is fast becoming a favourite top coat).


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    1. It really is! And it really does seem to grow on you more and more when you're actually wearing it! I liked it before I wore it, but I love it now :)


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